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Several questions from a not-quite newbie

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  • Doug
    Re: Several questions from a not-quite newbie

    Hi and welcome.
    PLease go to the following post and print or past a favorite, the care sheets in this post are excellent andwill answer many of your questions about feeding, cage, animal husbandry and such
    be warned they are really great pets and I have 6 boa's and have only been a keeper for two years.. hehe

    psps here's a shorcut to my zoo,,, doug

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  • atavus
    started a topic Several questions from a not-quite newbie

    Several questions from a not-quite newbie

    I just adopted a boa from a friend who will be spending some time behind bars. I have kept rat snakes and a ball python before, but never a boa. Are there any care issues specific to boas that I should be aware of? It's a very docile snake, it is in good health, and it has been fed regularly. I'm looking forward to many years with this one.

    I'm unsure what kind of boa it is. I think it's relatively young. It is under 3 feet long, and rather narrow in girth. Its markings are a lot more densely spaced than I've seen on other boas. Is this just because it's young, or do I have some special variety? Its markings are very pretty and symmetrical, almost like a mosaic or beadwork, with a lot of variation in color. I'll post a picture on Monday if I can get my freebie camera to work.