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  • A little confused...

    Here are some pics of my little one. My son and I finally did an accurate scale count and measurement.

    Her 'ventral scale count' is '241'...'midbody scale count' is '91'...'subcaudal scale count' is '55' and she has '20' saddles back to her vent. She is 7'7'' in length and is almost 6 years old.

    My confusion comes from the fact that all of the scale counts that I have just mentioned point to her being a BCC boa...yet I have had numerous people that I have the greatest respect for their knowledge (including my vet), tell me that she is a BCI.

    She has a lot of pink and purple patches throughout her body and even some bright 'orange' scales scattered around. She does not have a 'red tail' and is fairly light in overall coloring with a small head compared to her body. Is she a cross-breed of the two types?

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    Re: A little confused...

    I don't know what she is..but she sure is one beautiful boa.

    Great pics!


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      Re: A little confused...

      Thanks Larry...she thinks she is too! ;D


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        Re: A little confused...

        Ok...I received the final email from a man in Venezuela that knows a bit about these boas himself and I wanted to pass this information along to the forum. Everyone with the knowledge (breeders, forum administrators , etc.) says that she is a Columbian BCI.

        He also stated that there is no exact scale count data (just a guideline) with so many varieties and natural cross-breedings. Even colors and patterns can change within a relatively small area (300 miles) as many subspecies of boa constrictors overlap each others ranges.

        Now at least I have a pretty good idea what she is. When I got her, I was just told that she was a 'female boa constrictor'. The man that I got her from didn't know anymore than that.