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How do I know that I bought a Guyanan? :)

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  • How do I know that I bought a Guyanan? :)

    I was at a reptile show, and bought what the guy told me was a Guyanan Redtail Boa, paid $200...

    I know a decent amount about snakes but when it comes to distinquishing the different species of Redtails I cant tell unless the snake is pretty distinctly one or the other.

    Ive owned a Columbian in the past and Im 90% sure this isnt a Reg Col, unless it just has really really good coloring

    It has a pinkish hue to it all over, its light greyish brown color, with very dark red saddles, with a very distinctly white/red banded tail.

    It also has little pinkish spots just under each eye, it changes color from real light greyish brown to a darker greyish brown with black speckles.

    Obviously I know its hard to distinquish if its a true Guy without a pic, but alas I have no scanner/webcam

    So Please just give me some information thatll help take away the doubt

    Thanks all,

    Edit: its greyish/brownish color

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    Re:How do I know that I bought a Guyanan?

    i would suggest getting a digital camera off of a friend and take the pic and put it up. It is hard for the pros on here to tell what morph it is or looks like without a pic. just a suggestion though maybe clay can tell u without a pic or maybe another admin will be able to. ;D


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      Re:How do I know that I bought a Guyanan?

      Hi Needles,

      And welcome to the forum.

      Like it was stated, it is so hard to give more then a wild guess without seeing it first in a pic. There are so many different colored normal boas, crosses, etc.

      It almost sounds (100% guess) like a Hogg island cross. But it is a guess.. try to get an image and show us, it would help alot.. BTW, how many saddles does your guy have?



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        Re:How do I know that I bought a Guyanan?

        Another good detective scenario is to load and search for guyanan boa constrictors..

        Look at other people's guyanan boas and compare them to yours..

        Without a pic for other people to help you, the best you can do is use other's peoples pictures to compare with yours..

        Good luck
        To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

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