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I need help identifying my boa!

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  • I need help identifying my boa!

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum and I'm also a new boa owner. I still have quite a bit to learn and I'm hoping someone on here can help me identify what type of boa I have. I bought her from a reptile show and the guy I bought her from said she was a Anery female Columbian but he didn't specify that there were 2 types of anery boas and I wasn't aware until I did some research after purchasing her. The problem is according to Google images and other site's my boa doesn't resemble the type 1's as much as she resembles the type 2's and the problem with that is from what I read the Columbians are always type 1's and the type 2's are mainly Nicaragua, which leaves me confused on exactly what type I own.