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What happened to my pictures???

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  • What happened to my pictures???

    Some of you may realize that pictures that you had uploaded from your personal computer no longer appear in the posts..

    Sorry.. :'( :'( :'(

    The forum conversion was unable to pull those links across with the move.

    The SAD news.. These links cannot be recovered..

    The GOOD news. ALL of your pictures are still here on the forum.

    If you know your picture names, then you can still get to them.

    You can go to your posts that contained the pictures and click Modify.

    Then follow these steps to insert the pics back into the post.

    1) Click Modify
    2) Click in the area you would like the picture to appear
    3) Click on the picture icon (Insert image) above your text
    4) Enter the following link inside the url tags

    [ u r l ] [ / u r l ]

    Follow the last / with your filename: example yourfilename.ext

    Of course replacing yourfilename.ext with the REAL filename you uploaded.

    I will also try to make the folder browseable so you can scroll through and look for your pictures..

    If I get it working it will be at this link

    To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

    -Best Regards
    -Clay English
    Founder 1998-2013

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    Re:What happened to my pictures???

    :-\ Oh Man!! you know how many pics i posted over the last few months..Bummer.. :-\ J/K!!! LOL! No biggy, on my spare time il reinstall the pics..hehehehe!! Love the way the forum looks Clay.... ;D


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      Re:What happened to my pictures???

      That's right there will be no whinning! :P


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        Re:What happened to my pictures???

        all i did was go to my last post i had pics in and just reuploaded the pics the old posts of pics who cares everyones seen the pics already anyways lmaooooooo just my new pics count to me!!!!!


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          Re:What happened to my pictures???

          Hey, no biggie, I'll just get some pix posted again. Maybe I'll get some new ones, hopefully better ones, now that it's warmer outside and I can take them out side!!! I do like the new site, and the new look!!!!!


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            Re:What happened to my pictures???

            i reposted my pics and they look funny now dunno whats up with that but im thinking about redoing them anyways heheh