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The "Polka-Dot" Boa proves himself, sort of...

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  • The "Polka-Dot" Boa proves himself, sort of...

    I did have a brand new disaster happen today that has never happened to me before;

    One, two, three... baby after baby from the female "calico" that had an enormous ovulation four months ago. Baby four, five, six... one after another. Hypos, non-hypos, great looking babies but that "Polka Dot" baby was illusive. Seven, eight, nine... a bit of a wait for number 10, you guessed it another non-Polka Dot baby. Well, in reality, a Polka Dot baby was not counted on. In fact the "Polka-Dot" male only bred this female when she looked to be ovulating or very very near to it. Just the last few days before the really massive ovulation I took numerous photos of. Then I waited, back to the birthing scene; I waited and waited and waited, about 15 minutes for baby number 11. I have waited that long before plenty of times. I was a little bit worried just because of the possibility of the "Polka-Dot" baby. So, I am in the cage like a coal miner with my head lamp on hoping for a glimpse of the little fella, when here comes baby number 11. Just the head came out. I grab hold and ever so slowly extricate the little normal baby. Uh oh, this one is dead. I will not have to wait long for the next one. Actually two coming out at the same time and YES! One of them is the illusive "Polka-Dot" Boa! I am so excited! She is still having trouble delivering. Seems there was a flap of extra flesh sort of blocking the Cloaca and the babies were slow in coming. Again, I pulled the "Polka-Dot" baby out as well. He is lifeless. I mean completely limp. I have also seen this many times before but this time it is the first "Polka-Dot" Boa I have ever produced. Nothing. I am holding him in my hand. Sort of wiggling my fingers trying to get him to move a little bit. Nothing. What to do? I wished I had a straw so I could give him mouth to mouth. What am I thinking? This could be the only one I might have this year. I have no way to know anything different for sure. So I put his head in my mouth without thinking and blow. Carefully but I try, then I remember, you moron, if the glottis isn't open, all you are getting air into is the belly. So I rush upstairs Polka boy in hand, franticly looking for my bird feeding tube while his lifeless little body lays on my wife's countertop. The bird feeding tube would be great for this. I can't find it. I grab a syringe and a needle and insert it gently into the glottis. I fill the lungs with air and gently rub the air out. Then again and again and again. Nothing. His membrane clearly had ruptured while she was struggling and he suffocated. I go downstairs hoping maybe she has had another one. Another polka dot baby I mean. Well, none there but there are about eight more babies. All dead.

    This is the first time I have ever had this happen. I have had the isolated still born baby mind you, but never a mess of them and certainly never ever 25 of them! I am very disappointed.

    A total of 25 still born babies born. Only one "Polka-Dot" baby in the litter so far as I can tell. Ten live babies. Some really beautiful animals but the dead ones, for some reason, look so much more beautiful. Especially that single "Polka-Dot" baby. So the Polka Dot baby remains illusive for me. At least for another week or so. You see the female that gave birth today, was only bred by the Polka Boy at the very end. Another female Hypo, a possible super by the way, was bred by him a whole lot more. A whole lot more. She was the female that was on the loose for two weeks roaming the rafters. Remember? I thought she was already gravid when she began to ovulate one side. Boom! Polka Dot male introduced and he bred her repeatedly. The first male had not bred her for nearly two months. So I am hoping for a much greater chance of Polka Dot baby soon. She is due July 16th. I am semi-patiently waiting.

    This was a litter finally from this Calico female though. I can't wait to take a better look at those kids!

    This was her four months ago ovulating.

    Look at these ovulation photos! These are all in the order I took them. I took a break to do a couple emails between the , hence the noticeable movement between positions. However, the camera just keeps on rolling! Here they are:

    Look at the size of that puppy coming around!


    She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes...

    This is the point where I had taken a break but the camera never takes a break...!

    I wonder if that hurts...

    Only one, I think, only one sperm from the Polka Kid made it to an egg. Only one and the poor little fella had the misfortune of getting stuck in line behind that eleventh baby... Maybe that other Hypo due in less than two weeks will have something more interesting for me...
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    Re: The "Polka-Dot" Boa proves himself, sort of...

    I am so sorry you lost so many babies. But I always look at the glass half full, the plus side to this story is that if you had one even though it was still born, that means you still had one so it was proved out. even if the poor thing didn't make it.

    You'll have better luck the next time around. Now where are all the pics of the living babies!!!



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      Re: The "Polka-Dot" Boa proves himself, sort of...

      Sucks to have so many lil dead boas... Hopefully you'll get some great babies from the next litter.



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        Re: The "Polka-Dot" Boa proves himself, sort of...

        Soooooo sorry to hear that Jeff my deepest condolence's,I now you were super geeked for this litter.Hopefully things work out for the other female and she throws you some of them illusive polka-dot babies for ya.


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          Re: The "Polka-Dot" Boa proves himself, sort of...

          Dang Jeff you can't do that to us. You have to post some pics. Did you get a pic of the still born polka dot boa? If so lets see some pics. Pics! Pics! Pics! Sorry Jeff I am just a little impatient. But I dont have ADD I dont think. Or do I? What was I talking about again? LOL just joking. But congrats on proving the male out.


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            Re: The "Polka-Dot" Boa proves himself, sort of...

            Sorry to hear about all the stillborns in the Calico litter Jeff. If there is ANYTHING worse than has to be stillborns.

            I hope we get so see some bouncing baby polka dot boas from you soon!