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The "Red Devil" ?

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  • The "Red Devil" ?

    I had a Boa birth October 5, 2009. A Pastel Het Albino female X Albino breeding yielded 14 live babies and several slugs. Here is one of the babies born in that litter:

    I had something that happen that for me was a first. I have had quite a few baby Boas over the last 24 years. I have had stillborn babies or what appeared to be stills. Fresh dead babies, and long dead babies. This was the first baby like this one I have ever seen that had been dead for a little while, as in maybe a week or two. I don’t remember seeing that before.

    Keep in mind while this is happening and I make this find, I am literally on the floor on my hands and knees, with my LED head lamp on, watching the female still wringing out the final products of conception. She is in the corner on the same shelf where the litter was deposited and I am planning not to get bit. It’s late as in my bed time and I was making my final walk through when I found this litter and had to get my hands in the goo and get the babies on heat. This female did not stay on or near the heat as much as I would have liked and I suspected large bellies of yolk. While I was cleaning out the cage, I found this dead mass. I could tell it was a dead one still in the membrane looking a little funky. I tried to lift it and toss it, without rupturing it, into a trash can that was half full of dirty Aspen bedding from the earlier days cleaning. I tried but was unsuccessful. It opened up as I crossed over the sweater box where I had some of the babies, and it stunk. That was when I saw it.

    This dead baby had died and had bled out a tiny bit turning it’s skin red. Not bled out like from a wound, but like the seepage of the red blood into the layers of skin making it the reddest Boa I had ever seen. It lacked all pattern and was red. Not imaginary, I think my Hypo is red because none of my other Boas are this red, but red as in light tinted red. Not painted red. The skin was just red. I assumed looking at this rotten baby that the red skin was due to the fact that had been dead a while and this was just part of the change it would go through. I did not think anything of the red color at the moment, as I was just cleaning the cage. Plus it stunk bad. The gut was enlarged and blackened too because it was rotting. The head was a typical preemie head that was not normally developed. I took no pictures. After looking at it for a minute, I just tossed in the trash and covered it with a bunch of Aspen and took it out of the house. It wasn’t till a couple days later it clicked in my head. It was long gone but had I kept and photographed that dead Albino and shown a segment of it’s body along with a little tease in a public post, I guarantee the masses would believe they were looking at another Red Devil.

    The “Red Devil” was probably a dead Hypo Motley or maybe just a dead Hypo or just a dead baby that had bled out a little bit before it’s pattern had come in like the one I had born here had done. I wonder what that Boas head and gut looked like but I doubt we will never be shown.

    It's too bad that the breeder who had done the numerous breeding trials using Hypo Motleys, that repeatedly resulted in only Hypos and Motleys, was NOT the one to tell us this was the case. In stead we had to hear it from one of his customers who had purchased a Hypo Motley and was honest enough to tell us the truth.

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    Re: The "Red Devil" ?

    Interesting story Jeff. Too bad you didn't get some pictures. I'd have loved to seen that.



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      Re: The "Red Devil" ?

      There that's the story I didn't blurt out , LOL

      and Also there's that nice Looking little Albino there

      I wonder how much similarities your and my Albino's will have in 6 - 8 months.

      My little Fem just shed her 2nd shed 2 days ago.

      Wow did that bring up a bunch more color

      The boy won't be shedding for a while he hit a little feeding glich

      so I had to slow him down,LOL

      Lar M
      Boas By Klevitz



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        Re: The "Red Devil" ?

        that is a very interesting story thanks for sharing and like steve said i would have love to seen some pics even if they were gross


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          Re: The "Red Devil" ?

          Very interesting. Something to think about.


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            Re: The "Red Devil" ?

            That was a very nice post! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!