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  • Aislin an no name yet

    Here are some pics of Aislin an i getting to know each other more and me and no name lol still have not come up with a name attempting to hang out this morning she is a lot bigger makes me nervous still..

    for being terrified of snakes not more then 4 weeks ago i have come a LONG way i have a LONGER way to go i know lol...

    some pics are blurry sorry i have no photo taking skills and some where with my cell phone..

    I love how Pearly she looks

    i like this one she is like whatcha doin

    her size

    sorry lots of pics i get camera happy

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    Re: Aislin an no name yet

    Congrats on getting over the fear. I was the same way about 15 years ago. Nice looking baby boa.
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      Re: Aislin an no name yet

      COol pics, good luck on your fear, time will get rid of it.


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        Re: Aislin an no name yet

        Nice pictures. Maybe i'll show my pops this thread and hopefully he will stop being a fairy and hold one.