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What kind of boa?

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  • What kind of boa?

    The place I bought my boa from just said "HYPO RED TAIL BOA" on the cage, I spotted him and fell in love. I had one growing up but it sadly passed away once it reached about 10 ft.

    I am looking on finding out more about him/her ( need to sex ). If anyone could help I would appreciate it, here are some pictures if that helps.

    The snake is super tame and has loads of energy. It is about 2 and a half foot in length.

    Thanks. BTW this is my first post and I look forward to many more on here, looks like a great board.

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    Re: What kind of boa?

    1st off welcome to RTB,glad to have u here.

    If u haven't yet,check out the Ultimate care guide
    RedTailBoas Presents the Ultimate Boa Care Guide!

    Sadly to say that doesn't look like a hypo. If u could post some more pics of the tail we would know for sure,as it's kinda hard to tell in those pics.
    As far as the sex, you'll have to find someone or a vet that is EXPERIENCED (sorry have to emphisize that as if it's done wrong it can injure ur boa) to pop or probe it for you. It is a gorgeous boa though and I like the little Sulcata in the back ground.

    Welcome to RTB where we all are family and friends.


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      Re: What kind of boa?

      yeah it does not look like a hypo to me it looks 'normal' to me, but I don't know the locale. It's a nice looking snake though. Looks a lot like my 'normal' Bella.

      nice turtle also or empty shell hehe


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        Re: What kind of boa?

        Welcome to RedTailBoas forum

        Congratulations on your new Boa

        Its nice normal Colombian type Boa.

        Often , actually more often than not Pet stores don't have a clue
        what Boas they have forsale.

        They even deal with suppliers who don't have a clue

        The Boa you have is a normal or regular Boa not a Hypo

        Hypo Boas are a genetically reproducible Dominant trait

        Hypomelanism is a reduction in Black .

        Scarlet '03 fem hypo

        Here is pops he's an '03 Scarlet Hypo fem a bove is his sister

        All the rest pics are his kids

        His Sisters Scarlet Hypo


        Here in this picture is a Hypo Boa in front and her Pastel Normal type sister in towards the back
        ScarShry2F & PD8F
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        Lar M
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          Re: What kind of boa?

          thank you Lar. Super Coupe, Lar kinda dotted the i crossed the t and put a period on this post about the hypo. You do have a nice common BCI and I just wanted to welcome you to the forum stick around this is a great place.


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            Re: What kind of boa?

            WELCOME aboard SuperC!!!

            Man, in a way i wish you would of found this place "before" buying this little one as a "Hypo"...this would of helped in a couple of things for you...ONE, you could of told the store that sold it to you that it wasn't a "hypo" and two you would of probably got it cheaper for yourself if you were willing to purchase a normal...and if you would of wanted a hypo instead of a normal..there are a lot of people on here that have WONDERFUL looking babies that would of sold you what you were originally wanting.

            Either way...we welcome you here with open arms and hope that we can answer all and any questions you have!

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              Re: What kind of boa?

              Welcome to the forum SC!!

              Great lookin normal BCI, thanks for posting!


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                Re: What kind of boa?

                Welcome to the forum! I hope you stick around and there is so much you can learn on here and the people are great. Check out the Ultimate Care Guide. Nice normal you have there, I hope you didn't pay too much for it since it isn't a hypo. Maybe the pet store can refund some of your money to you.


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                  Re: What kind of boa?

                  I've seen in many pet shops multiple snakes even different morphs in one tank.
                  They probably still charged for a normal you just read hypo on the tank as thats probably
                  what was in the tank.
                  It is still a great looking bci.
                  Welcome to RTB take a seat kick your feet up and stay awhile.


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                    Re: What kind of boa?

                    Nice normal, I hope you didn't pay too much for it.


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                      Re: What kind of boa?


                      your going to love it here

                      and like everyone else said that isnt a hypo just a normal bci its a good looking normal though

                      here is a shot of my 2 hypos

                      1.0 hypo

                      0.1 salmon


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                        Re: What kind of boa?

                        OOOOO hypo thats just cruel Mike I haven t gotten my boaphile hypo yet just cruel


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                          Re: What kind of boa?

                          Originally posted by ron petri View Post
                          OOOOO hypo thats just cruel Mike I haven t gotten my boaphile hypo yet just cruel
                          i havent either these are 2 of mine right now the first one is from Lynn at Boas and Balls and the second is from Big Mike at basically boas


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                            Re: What kind of boa?

                            Thanks for the warm welcome. Apparently the litter was all in one tank some hypos some regulars.

                            But the tank said "hypos". My brother actually ended up buying a hypo when I took him with me to get the snake food.

                            I paid $60 for mine he paid $80 for his.