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So proud of my girl!

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  • So proud of my girl!

    Luna, my 6m old BCI made me a proud mama today. We handle her a lot, pretty much everyday she isn't shedding or digesting. She is very calm and placid but loves to climb.

    Today my friend with her 5 year old son came to visit our farm to cheer him up. He recently was diagnosed with factor 8 hemophilia. This has caused a complete lifestyle change for him and he is struggling to come to terms with it.

    While walking around petting the horses, donkey, mini mule, goats and dogs he kept asking about the snakes. Finally we went in and looked at my babies. Except two of the friendliest BPs are in shed so that left my new Axanthic BP in QT which he liked holding him in his hand in a ball lol. Then after suitable cleaning we got out Luna. Despite being in her hide, having a nap, she willingly came out and let that little boy handle her like an old pro. Even when he kept petting her head she just sat there relaxed. Of course now his mom is going to be driven crazy about getting a boa since he said it about 10 times on the way
    to the car.
    Thank you Luna for helping another generation love slithers!

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    Re: So proud of my girl!

    Woo! Hoo! What a great ambassador she is.


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      Re: So proud of my girl!

      Very beautiful Boa. i love when boas can bring joy to those in need.