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  • It's Been A While!

    Hey gang, I haven't been on in some time, and I sort of feel guilty in a way. There is just so much going on with the facebook groups that I forget to come back where it all started for me!

    All natural light, no post processing.

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    Re: It's Been A While!

    First, good to see ya back here!

    Second, Wow.So many shades of orange.

    -Sean in NoCal
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      Re: It's Been A While!

      Awesome David. Nice to see you back in town



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        Re: It's Been A While!

        Glad to see you back and hear that things are going well!
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          Re: It's Been A While!

          Thanks guys. It is. I had really hoped to produce my first 2 litters last year, palpated both females and could feel mature follicles... but I guess neither male did their job. So I'm hoping this season is a little different. In other news I got a new job teaching art at a local high school, I was formally at a middle school that was a bit further away, and have started my master's degree in Art Ed. Also Tim, funny enough, my middle name is David... but my first name is Aaron.


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            Re: It's Been A While!

            Originally posted by Pandorasdad
            Wow.So many shades of orange.
            ...and blueish purpleish... Whatever, that snake is INSANE! Good to 'see' you back, we are finally getting our family back together a little bit at a time. Facebook has its place but there is no place like home!

            Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest


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              Re: It's Been A While!

              Thank you Zamora. CAS don't get enough love. She's a little speckly, but I think it adds character, and you can't argue with color... and that is really what she looks like in person (for what ever reason natural light does always bring it out though.) Also, she was a little nipply as a neo but she has grown to be super calm, and hasn't struck at me in probably 2 years.