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The Key West movement keeps on going...

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  • The Key West movement keeps on going...

    About a year ago I discovered that Key West Boas have a pale mustache. This is less obvious on the darker versions of Key West Boas such as Key West Boas that are Het Sharp or Het Kahl Albino. Here are a few pictures to illustrate this observation:

    Now I don't know if the pale mustache "means anything" or not. It is simply an observation. However, this week I observed something else cool. Several cool things actually.

    The collage below will illustrate those findings followed by my bloviating about it. LOL

    Now I know it sticks out like a sore thumb when you see all these head shots with the flash on them, making it abundantly clear something different is going on with Key West Boas.

    - The EYES have it! We all knew that Key West Motley eyes were quite dark. I knew that Hypo Key Wests have a slightly darker than normal eye going back a couple years. When I had a number of Hypos that I thought were Key Wests I studied them for clues and found those slightly darker eyes in Hypo Keys. I didn't think to look at non-Hypo Keys to see if they did that as well. This week I noticed it. Then I checked another and another and another!!! I was like a little kid finding a new toy! I really enjoy finding new things out about Boas almost as much as I love telling others about it. At least those others who are still excited about such things. :-]

    So... time to grab the camera. I photographed 17 non-Hypo Key West Boas up close. Every single one of them has the dark eyes. The two I did not use for the collage have dark eyes too. It's not even close if they are dark or not. It's not subjective. It's a clear fact they have darker eyes. But that's not all...

    - Check out the postocular stripe behind the eye on these puppies! That's the stripe that goes through the eye normally. Notice how at the top of that stripe it looks like somebody erased a layer of black from the stripe? See it? See how the entire head just plain has a whole lot less black than normal in most of these? It varies depending on how dark the overall animal is of course, but it's clearly there. I am giddy with anticipation because no other Boas are known to have these characteristics! LOL

    - Also note and this is the least obvious characteristic, but the "flag" shaped mark between the eye and the snout on both sides of the head is really pale to non-existent.

    So what does all this mean? I don't know. Maybe absolutely nothing. But maybe this is a glimpse into what a Super, if there is one, might look like. The dark eye; surely if the Het form of the Key West has a dark eye, the Super form will be darker. Maybe BLACK... The disappearing pigment descending downward on the sides and top of the head; Surely this will be exaggerated in the Super form. Ya think???!!! I surely do! However... there is that old game we all have to all play now...

    The waiting game. I don't have to wait as long as everyone else does, but wait I will. My first and foremost hope is that IF there is indeed a Super KEY that it is a healthy robust animal. What it looks like matters too, but nothing is as important as a viable healthy Super KEY. We shall see in a few months. I may wait till more than one litter is produced to show it. I might even wait until the October Tinley show to reveal it. I don't know. But you all know I have a very hard time keeping my own secrets, so do worry too much about a long delay. LOL

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    Re: The Key West movement keeps on going...

    The KWBs have been an awesome rabbit hole to observe. Now I need to get me one!

    -Sean in NoCal
    “Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood – the virtues that made America.”
    -Teddy Roosevelt.


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      Re: The Key West movement keeps on going...

      Faint sideburns, faint moustache, sounds like me 20 years ago! Hahahah! So how many super litters with supers are you expecting? Stupid waiting game! hah


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        Re: The Key West movement keeps on going...

        Hah, everybody does the waiting game LOL, just spill the beans... Nice photos..


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          Re: The Key West movement keeps on going...

          I actually did notice the fading out on the post ocular stripe on the KW boas! It's one of the things I really like about them. I never noticed the dark eyes though, excellent sleuthing skills Santa!

          I can't wait to see what the Super Keys look like. Praying and crossing fingers that they are healthy.

          tick tock...

          Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest


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            Re: The Key West movement keeps on going...

            I still am not in the game. I need a KW... Maybe next season.


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              Re: The Key West movement keeps on going...

              I just need to find an appropriate male for my girl. This year should be fun.




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                Image test.

                Test complete above.