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Sweet litter update

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  • Sweet litter update

    Alright everyone seems my little guys have all had their first shed, final tally is 28 live 0 still born and 1 slug.Good ratio for a nine year old female haha.I gotta say I'm beyond happy with this litter and it was better then I expected.Alright onto the pictures also a little help guys, I separated what I believe to be the jungles from the rest what's everyone think about my picks?
    First off my baby rack holds 33 so proud of it haha.

    The jungles

    This one is iffy

    Poss jungle

    Non jungles

    now that I look again poss jungle

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    Re: Sweet litter update


    cool head pattern poss jungle haha

    Now if all the ones I have labeled are jungles are in fact jungles and the ones labeled poss jungle or normal are not then I have a even ratio of 14 jungles 14 normals which is cool as hell to me.I would appreciate all input as I've never done a breeding that involved the jungle gene.I think I did rather good picking out the jungles though I could be wrong.


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      Re: Sweet litter update

      Some really nice looking babies


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        Re: Sweet litter update

        Gorgeous babies!


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          Re: Sweet litter update

          Congrats on the nice litter and good odds with hitting zero slugs!
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