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Third litter of baby boas

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  • Third litter of baby boas

    More baby boas born yesterday here. It was a small litter but all are big and healthy. Butterfly my sunglow female had 11 baby and 3 slugs on 6/26/15. She had 2 normal het albino, 4 DH sunglows, 1 albino and 4 sunglows. Here are some pictures of the litter. Father was a DH sunglow same father to the litter I had a last week. I also stop at my Vet’s today with all the babies I have and he pick out a DH sunglow for himself from this litter and a albino from last weeks litter today. I also plan on giving a normal het to the Zoo in Michigan City IN. as the Zoo’s director wants one for the Zoo that is tame for there reptile days show they do in the future. She even said I could bring some of my boas there this summer for this years reptile days as the baby will be to small to use.

    Mother Butterfly.

    Father Tango.


    Here are the two females I plan on keeping for myself.

    Take care

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    Re: Third litter of baby boas

    Another fine litter Tom. That would pretty cool to work with a zoo like that, nice job. Thanks


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      Re: Third litter of baby boas

      Congrats again on another stellar litter Tom.



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        Re: Third litter of baby boas

        Awesome litter Tom and I really like the two holdbacks. They would have been my picks too.

        Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest


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          Re: Third litter of baby boas

          Congrats, Tom! You are on a roll with nice litters.
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