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  • babies and adults

    Here's a few pics I've taken of some babies and adults around here.
    First up my first boa love this girl she's so sweet.

    interesting little female, I keep trying to find a way to keep them all haha

    My Suri girl looking happy still

    my 09 hypo Het leopard girl, should have her first litter next year.

    Another female produced here, which brings me to a question.This girl isn't even two months old yet, and the hoppers just don't leave a bulge.Is that normal, been a few years since I had a litter and can't recall if this happened before.Here's a pic of her literally right after she swallowed the hopper.

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    Re: babies and adults

    Beautiful suri. Love the BCC's.


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      Re: babies and adults

      Thank you, should have some nice Suri babies from her next year as well.


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        Re: babies and adults

        Nice collection you have there! As far as the feeding question, how long has she been on hoppers and you haven't seen a bulge? I'm assuming you mean hopper mice and not rats, correct? If you are talking about hopper mice, it's probably time to switch her to rats, depending on what the actual size of the hopper mouse, rat pinks or fuzzies would be the next step up. I say the ACTUAL size because unfortunately, some breeders vary their sizes so it's not a universal thing.

        Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest


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          Re: babies and adults

          Hopper mice about 10 grams, she's eaten 4 or 5 times I'll just go up a size.I prefer not to feed rat pinks or fuzzies full of milk and fat, I prefer something with bones and what not.Guess I should've started them on small mice or larger I was concerned do to the CA blood so I got hopper mice haha.


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            Re: babies and adults

            Excellent looking group of boas!
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