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  • My new subadults

    Both are from the same litter, born 8-1-14, hogg x nic cross (supposedly an oops litter, the breeder is not misrepresenting what they are). The male is on top (darker), female on the bottom (lighter). The male is about 34", the female 36-38". They're both very gentle and calm, though the male takes on a defensive pose when handled. He has not hissed nor struck. The female was very nippy when I first got her, but getting her away from the constant smell of live rodents (they were about 15' away from where she was housed) seems to have calmed her down tremendously.

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    Re: My new subadults

    If these are the two that you mentioned earlier, I don't see poor muscle tone. Boas should always have a boxy shape. Those boas look pretty good to me.

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      Re: My new subadults

      Beautiful boas, and I agree with Sean, both of those look healthy and happy to me. If you are concerned about her muscle though as mentioned in the other thread, just let her out to climb/crawl in a safe space every now and then.
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        Re: My new subadults

        Beautiful boas


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          Re: My new subadults

          I agree with the others - they both look good to me.
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            Re: My new subadults

            I agree with everyone else as well. They look good to me and they are very unique and pretty!

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