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Finally uploading some pictures!

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  • Finally uploading some pictures!

    Good evening everyone! I'm finally getting the chance to upload a few photos of my female colombian hypo red-tail boa (hope I worded that correctly), Iris. I have had her for about a month now and for my first pet snake she has been such a blessing. I am also one paycheck away from her animal plastics T20 cage upgrade! Feels great to be getting closer Also, I just wanted to say how thankful I am for stumbling upon this awesome community. You have all been so helpful & I just wanted to shoot y'all a BIG thank you. Here are the pics:

    I hope I uploaded them correctly. Lol

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    Re: Finally uploading some pictures!

    She's very pretty but I hate to tell you this, she is not a hypo. She is a nice normal. Also to upload photos, the best way is to first upload them to an online photo hosting site such as photobucket, then you can click on the photo icon above and paste the link.

    I'm so happy you like it here, there are a lot of helpful people and we tend to do a lot of fun things here as well. Also, congratulations on getting a proper boa cage! Isn't boa ownership fun?

    Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest