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Help in identifying this rescue boa?

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  • Help in identifying this rescue boa?

    Hello Everyone!
    One of my friends referred me to this site, so I wanted to post pictures of my new Boa named Triad! He was a rescue boa in not-so-good shape, so bringing him to a new home seemed like a good idea at the time. I've just never seen a boa so dark before, and while I have no clue on his lineage (or locale) it's fun to ponder what it could be - I'd definitely be open to suggestions or clues! I'm just happy to bring him to a good home.

    This guy has had some bad wounds previously that have healed over, so I'm sure I made the right decision in bringing him home.

    I also have two Woma pythons if anyone wants to see pictures of them, but I don't think this is the right forum to do that!

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    Re: Help in identifying this rescue boa?

    Looks like a normal BCI to me...and the one I had for many years was just as dark and IMO, quite beautiful, just as yours is. Glad you could help him have a better life. (mine was an unwanted rescue too)

    Welcome to the site, I hope you keep us posted on his progress. The healed scars are probably from feeding him live, which hopefully you won't do...boas typically have great appetites & readily take dead prey.

    BTW, you may find that this snake occasionally looks much lighter in color, for no apparent reason; mine did that's normal. But I like the dark colors...and the iridescence (especially in the sunshine) is
    just awesome on these boas.

    And we'd love to see your womas!


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      Re: Help in identifying this rescue boa?

      Definitely have no plans of feeding him live - a medium sized rat could seriously hurt him! And according to the place I got him from he was doing fine on f/t. I did have to pull him out of the cage today because he pooped everywhere, so I got a chance to measure him at 5'7". This is by far the biggest snake I've owned

      As for the womas... here you go!

      Toma Guey - male 2014? Woma Python:

      When I first got him:
      Feeding fail?
      Recent Photo:
      Best picture of his colors:

      Rosetta - female 2015 Woma Python:

      When I first got her:
      Another shot:
      She's hungry:


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        Re: Help in identifying this rescue boa?

        That's a VERY beautiful normal BCI. Glad he's in good hands now


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          Re: Help in identifying this rescue boa?

          Awesome boa, and welcome to the site.


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            Re: Help in identifying this rescue boa?

            Agree with everyone else about it being a normal BCI. A very pretty one! I wonder if maybe it has some Central American blood, some of those locales tend to be darker. But there is no way of knowing without having the parental history.

            Also I would love to see some pictures of the Woma pythons! They're one of my favorites. One of the sub-forums on this site is for other types of boas and pythons. When I eventually move into a bigger space I'll definitely be getting one of those : )

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              Re: Help in identifying this rescue boa?

              Welcome to RTB and thanks for all the pictures! You have a very beautiful, dark normal BCI and a couple of also very beautiful Womas! Pull up a chair and stay a while, there are a lot of awesome people here.

              Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest