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  • Jungle Stuff (image heavy)

    Some jungle photos from over the last couple months, and mostly of last year's litter because they're easy to photograph. It's been fun seeing just how much they've changed.

    Mom, a George line Jungle, and one of mom's babies.

    Two babies I ended up keeping back.

    The first is a hypo jungle ph Kahl.

    And I wasn't going to hold back more than one but I always liked this one. I decided to keep him after I named him.

    The boy above with the lightest jungle of the litter, both in light phase.

    One of the remaining jungle babies. The contrast shift he goes through is neat, he gets SO dark. He's also one of the most gold.


    He can be grouchy.

    Two girls that found new homes.

    Two girls that are going to new homes. This one is so creamy looking.

    This one is turning out kinda red.

    I regret not taking better photos of my other near-fully striped hypo jungles before they left. Luckily, the folks they went to send me pics now and again! I love seeing how they're doing.

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    Re: Jungle Stuff (image heavy)

    That was a really incredible litter you had there. I'm surprised you actually have any left over! Thanks for sharing the photos as I always enjoy looking at great examples of Jungles.

    Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest


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      Re: Jungle Stuff (image heavy)

      Very nice. I love jungles. The last one, her face is so red it looks like she's holding her breath.


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        Re: Jungle Stuff (image heavy)

        Hi AmorphTheus,

        The jungle morph is my favorite boa morph out there thanks for posting your pictures outstanding boas you have.

        Take care


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          Re: Jungle Stuff (image heavy)

          I love my Guyana's but when it comes to morphs I fully agree with Tom, you can't beat the Jungles. Thanks for all the great pictures, there are some really good looking Jungles in there. LMAO at the grouchy one, he sure is trying his best to show you who's boss.


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            Re: Jungle Stuff (image heavy)

            Hey these are nice, ok you got me... I will come pick these up and take them off your hands LOL...


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              Re: Jungle Stuff (image heavy)

              That last boa is crazy looking, so perfect.. They are all great. Love the jungle morph.