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  • Fine Tuning

    I made some fine tuning adjustments to the auto focus of my D7100 using the 60 MM 2.8 macro lens. I think it sharpened up the focus nicely. Pretty simple procedure and worth the effort.

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    Re: Fine Tuning

    The eyes have it?


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      Re: Fine Tuning

      Great shots!!!

      -Sean in NoCal
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        Re: Fine Tuning

        Yeah, AF Fine Tuning (as Nikon calls it) or AutoFocus Micro Adjustment (AFMA - as the other brands call it) is ABSOLUTELY worth getting to know. It can reveal levels of sharpness some have never dreamed of. I AFMA every lens I own. Unfortunately, not all DSLR have the functionality.

        Interestingly, Nikon just announced two new cameras, the D500 and D5 which have, to a degree not yet known, automated this process in-camera. Canon has similar patents and it's expected they'll introduce a similar technology on their next cameras as well.

        Those using mirrorless cameras don't really have to worry about it as AF should always be accurate given appropriate use and a still enough subject (camera-dependent). That is one major advantage that mirrorless cameras have over DSLR cameras.

        Great shots! I might recommend looking into a "modeling light" in the future to keep their pupils small. I find that the irises of boa's eyes are just FILLED with all sorts of fun details and when their pupils are dilated, it takes some of the fun away.

        Did you use direct flash, or bounce flash?



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          Re: Fine Tuning

          Just WOW! Thanks for sharing Ken.

          Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest