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Unsure about baby BOAS

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  • Unsure about baby BOAS

    I am about to buy one of these boas and would like to know what I am looking at. As in what sub species. The sellers are claiming they are rare and Red-tailed BOAS. Let know guys! Please and thx

    [IMG] 15912[/IMG]

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    Re: Unsure about baby BOAS

    Your link isn't working for me. You can search the seller's name on the Fauna Classifieds BOI to see if other people have had positive or negative dealings with them in the past.


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      Re: Unsure about baby BOAS

      In addition to Fauna you can use these feedback groups on Facebook to research sellers:

      FBI - Feedback and Inquiries For Reptiles
      Herpetoculture Feedback And Inquiry
      Addicted To Reptiles..Buy/ Sell/ Trade/ Inquiries/ Pictures
      Reliable Reptile Reviews
      Good guy/Bad guy exotic reviews

      I can't see the picture either but if the ad is in a boa-specific group and the snake isn't as advertised then the seller is usually called out on it pretty quickly. If it's in a local/state reptile sale forum then there may not be enough knowledgeable people looking at the ad to say anything to the seller.


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        Re: Unsure about baby BOAS

        Yeah, I can't get the link to work either, sorry.

        FYI: If the seller is 'claiming' they are 'rare red-tailed boas', chances are they are not what they are advertised as. Not to say that they are not, just that the odds are not in your favor. Caveat Emptor. KNOW what you are buying, if you don't know, don't believe what someone tells you, many many posts are made by people that have been taken to the cleaners thinking they were buying something special that wasn't.

        "rare, red-tailed boas" is a red flag phrase to any reputable breeder. Just sayin'.

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