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The "Pearlescent Boa"

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  • The "Pearlescent Boa"

    Three years ago when this little fellow was born I didn't think that what
    he had going on would be genetic. This is the original "Pearlescent Boa".
    I did not give him a name when I originally produced him as my assumption
    was that everything that he has going on there probably was not genetic except
    the fact that I knew he is a Hypo. Some scoffed even at the idea that he was
    a hypo. Note the wild two tone color of the scales creeping up his sides.
    This is reminiscent of the now deceased "Pearl Boa" which had never
    been proven genetic or not looked.

    His parents were a typical "Orange Tail" Hypo and a Pastel Bloodline
    female from my original Pastel Dream bloodline. Last year I tried to breed
    him back to his mother. She had slugs and unfortunately died about three months
    later due to birth complications. I thought this was really my best chance
    to see more offspring like this "Screamer Hypo". Well this year
    he bred "The Monster Tail" female. She is pictured below:

    She is the antithesis of everything that he is. She has huge pattern. She
    is rich in color. Big fat unBOAlievable Tail AND she is NOT a Pastel. She
    is totally unrelated to the "Pearlescent Boa" shown at the top of
    the page. Despite all these facts she produced the offspring shown below.
    Here she is below with some of the babies:

    and another...

    Well it's obvious that EVERYTHING that this male has is genetic. Here are
    a few kids for you to enjoy:

    Guess what? It's doesn't appear only in the Hypos.

    It is certainly the most dramatic in the Hypos but lots of these weird patterns
    are also in the non-Hypos.

    For now these animals will all be content to reside here at the "Boa
    Black Hole" where they belong. By the way... lest any of you wonder if
    this inverse weird stripe may still be linked to the Hypo trait. These babies
    above are great great grandchildren of my original Pair of Boas I first bred
    in 1985 with their babies being born February 17th, 1986. They are Pastel
    Dream animals from my original and best Pastel Dream bloodline. The baby below
    was born this morning. May 13th, 2003. He is also a great great grandchild
    of my original pair. He does not have one drop of Hypo blood running through
    his veins. He is pure 100% SECOND generation Ivory PASTEL Anerythristic. Every
    single baby in his litter IS a Pastel. That is 17 Ivory Anerythristics and
    10 het for Anerythristic Pastels.

    The common thread again; Both are from my original Pastel Dream bloodline
    and fourth or fifth removed cousins! This inverse stripe and resulting pattern
    anomalies are a PASTEL bonus! Still don't believe in the POWER of the Pastel
    Dreams? I am a believer but then that comes as no surprise does it?

    So what do you think? Like any of these little babies I had?

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    Re: The "Pearlescent Boa"

    WOW !!!!!!!!! those guys are awesome ! I love that striped one

    Thanks for the pics
    Later on ,


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      Re: The "Pearlescent Boa"

      Wholy cow Jeff!!!!!!! wow are those babies to beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Awsome breedings you got going on...... wow the pics are fantastic...... Do i see any i like? You betcha!!!! ;D ;D Congrats on all the new babies...


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        Re: The "Pearlescent Boa"

        Here is a family tree of sorts detailing the lineage of these two inverse stripe families of Boas. The fact that the inverse stripe is in exactly the same body location as the "Pearlescent Boa" leads me to logically conclude that the same genes are causing this to occur. The inverse stripe found on the Pearlescent Boa is in the same location as well. I just don't believe this could be a coincidence. Moreover, what is going to happen when two of these genetically aberrant patterned Boas are bred together to produce offspring? Will there be "Super Pearlescent Boas"? We will not know for some time of course but this time I am planning on it. We shall see...

        Here are the lineages:

        The Pearlescent Boas history is like so:

        Big Momma X Big Daddy in 1986, both completely unrelated, produced "Big Baby".

        "Big Baby" X "Jose" in 1989, both completely unrelated, produced the mother of the Pearlescent Boa. "Jose" I believe is where much of the red influence came from in many of my Pastel Dreams. He was a rusty red color. This Big Baby baby girl Boa was sold and later reacquired from Joel DuBay in 1996.

        The "DuBay" female X "Orange Tail Hypo", both completely unrelated, produced the "Pearlescent Boa" in 2000.

        The "Pearlescent Boa" X The "Monster Tail”, both completely unrelated, produced the litter pictured above.

        The Anerythristic with the inverse tail stripe's history works like so:

        Big Momma X Big Daddy in 1986, both completely unrelated, produced "Jamie" the brother of "Big Baby". Jamie, named for my fair skinned brother Jamie was I believe the very first "Pastel Dream" I ever produced. This ten years before I had identified the characteristic.

        "Stumpy" the Anerythristic X Jamie, both completely unrelated, produced 32 babies in 1994 that were all het for Anerythristic. I did not know she was an Anerythristic until the five pair of babies I had kept from her due to their extreme washed out look and light color (Pastel Dreams) were about two years old. I hadn't seen an Anerythristic till then and was very happy to realize I had a large adult Anerythristic and five pair of hets.

        Het for Anery female # 2 x het for Anery male # 4 produced Ivory male #1 in 2000. These were the first Ivory Anerythristic Pastel Boas. I had sold two of the five het females but all three that I had left produced nice litters in 2000.

        Ivory male #1 X Het for Anery female # 1 produced the Anery with the inverse stripe. Out bred this fellow as far as I could.

        Anyhow that is the lineage of these two distantly related but for three generations separated lines of genetic inverse stripe Boas.

        The picture is of a very dark "Pearlescent Boa" breeding the "Monster Tail".


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          Re: The "Pearlescent Boa"

          b27.gif Very, very good looking baby's Jeff. Congratulations on the new arrivals!!


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            Re: The "Pearlescent Boa"

            MR. RONNE I CAN'T WAITE TO PICK OUT MY IVORY ARNEY. Congrat's on the gresat litter's hope to see the rest come out just the same...


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              Re: The "Pearlescent Boa"

              Jeff, I just paypal'd you $139.00 bucks for one of those hypos.

              Is that enough for 2 or just 1? ;D ;D ;D
              To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

              -Best Regards
              -Clay English
              Founder 1998-2013


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                Re: The "Pearlescent Boa"

                For that amount of money I would bet that you could get one of the sheds from the hypos!!!!!



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                  Re: The "Pearlescent Boa"

                  Jeff,  I just paypal'd you $139.00 bucks for one of those hypos.

                  Is that enough for 2 or just 1?   ;D ;D ;D
                  Oh man Clay your to funny, you be lucky to see maybe a small part of a shed... Tat, i dont think hes gona be able to get a whole shed...hehehehehehe!!!!! J/K! ;D ;D


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                    Re: The "Pearlescent Boa"

                    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!those are the coolist little things ever..WOW bet there worth WAYYYYY to much ;D sweet a$$ ones you got there!!!!!!!!!


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                      Re: The "Pearlescent Boa"

                      Tired of seeing these guys yet???

                      How about now?


                      Me niether!



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                        Re: The "Pearlescent Boa"

                        s36.gif Oh my god!!! your killin me Jeff, jaw dropping, droooooooooooooling.... cwm24.gif s27.gif s27.gif See what your pics did to me... s27.gif s27.gif they are so beautiful!!!!


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                          Re: The "Pearlescent Boa"

                          HI Jeff,
                          SOme sweet looking babies,,,,That mother is a drop dead looking boa...
                          Man I would like to have a female adult like her,, hint hint