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My female Hogg (from Clay)

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  • My female Hogg (from Clay)

    Here's a few pics of my new Hogg Island Boa , I got her from Clay...

    In this one it looks like she was a little mad when I put her back in her enclosure LOL..

    Thanks for the great boa Clay !!!!

    Jeff Seveland

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    Re: My female Hogg (from Clay)

    HI Nice picture
    I love that baby hog attitude, they lose it as they grow up nut its great for triggering that feed response
     they grow up really fast and can change color on a whim, you uncover the boa and it a different color....

    They change from month to month,  One of my favorite Boa's
    My baby was from Clay
    ps, mine gave me a little attititude when I put her in the cage or tried to feed her, she'ld drop that thawed rat  as soon as she had it and try to nip me.. you naughty little snake..
      we would play this game about five times and she would glare at me and finally she slurped it down..
     I use some long forceps to feed her as a baby. she like playing tug a war... jeeze go figure.
     doug :


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      Re: My female Hogg (from Clay)

      beauties!!! thats gonna be my next herp.


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        Re: My female Hogg (from Clay)

        8)Wow what a cutie!!! Such a pretty snake Jeff,,Great pics...
        Hey savannah_babe, great to see yaz here.. ;D