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Just a Little about me and a Big Hello!

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  • Just a Little about me and a Big Hello!


    My name is Jamie and I live in Tracy, which is in Central CA. I am married with 3 kids. I have 1 dog a Blueheeler(Austrailian Cattle Dog), 4 cats, 2 snakes, I breed my own feeders and I have several fish also.  

    12 months ago I was terrified of snakes and look at me now I have a 8 month old unsexed AnreyB charcoal corn and a 3 yr old female BCI.  The corn was of course my 1st snake, I did a lot of research and learning before I actually got "Chad" in August 02.  I started small and learned that they are very calm animals, and they are not slimy like I thought that they would be. ;D  Anyway I have continued to learn more and more about corns and boas in general with much of my time and efforts going to learning about BCI's. In October 02, I rescued my "Abee" from a neighbor who had her in a ten gallon tank, fed her once a month and her tank was filthy and she had no water....I came about getting her because I started breeding mice and rat feeders after I got "chad" but I was planning on providing feeders for a friends BCI too, thats why I had the rats, and when some of the rats got big I took some to "abee" so she could eat. I figured that if I provide the food she will eat when I take them over to her.  Well I took one for her to eat and I came home with her and her tank that day.  I was so pleased to get her.  She is now in a 48x16x16 tank until I can build her new cage.  Soon I hope.  I want a cage that will house all of my snakes in their own space and prepare for the 3 other kinds of snakes that I want to get someday.  Better to plan ahead than at the last minute...I think anyway.  Anyway that is a little about me and my zoo.  Thanks for this site and Merry Christmas too all and Have a Safe Night!!!  Happy New Year!!


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    Re: Just a Little about me and a Big Hello!


    My girlfriend's dad has an australian cattle dog/ beagle mix. I swear that thing has had a labotomy! Does yours act like that ever? Show some pics of your lil zoo. -sTEVE


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      Re: Just a Little about me and a Big Hello!

      Hi Jamie. . . I did lots of research before I got my snakes too. . . :} WElcome to Boas they are sooooooooooo awesome
      I have a ball python right now;} He's pretty darn cool himself. . But my boas were the bestest (Shhhh just don't tell Sebastian I said that! :} ;D


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        Re: Just a Little about me and a Big Hello!

        Hey Jaimie, Small world, I live in Stockton. b29.gif I have 4 Balls, Fluffy cwm38.gif (my first and dearest) Cuddles, (my 9 year olds) and princes and Stubby, (rescues) and our newest addition, a red tail, Ozzy/Bob. I let my husband think he was picking it out-anything to get what I want! He calls him Ozzy, I liked Bob. :-X My rescues were really bad off, both were in a 20 gal. tank together ( they are 4-5 ft. long), no heat, with water standing in the bottom, and rats had been left in the tank, needles to say princes has scars and stubby has scars and is missing about 1-2 inches of tail, s34.gif which I finally got healed enough to not bleed at each shed. I don't understand why people get these animals and don't know, or atleast learnd how to take care of them >

        I also have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs and 2 rats. I have a zoo!

        I would like to hear how your building plans come out, if you complete it, I have this wonderful habitat planned out(in my head) s7.gif for my snakes, But I don't know if I am ready to jump into construction yet, or just find a couple of bigger tanks.

        I too, researched before committing to a snake. I continuously found the comment, "You can never own just ONE snake cwm33.gif " I said "WHATEVER!" Sure I could---Yeah, for about 4 months! Now, I dedicate one nite a week to snake maintenance! Because it takes that long to soak, feed and clean everyone!

        I wish everyone a wonderful new year! b30.gif And a year of healthy snake raising!

        Lisa in Stockton, CA


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          Re: Just a Little about me and a Big Hello!

          Hi Lisa, we are close, my husband works in Stockton.

          Well you and I have a lot in common as far as animals go. I can't wait until my hubby says I can get another snake, but then that will be the hard part choosing which one I want the most! :-/ Well as you read I planned on building a tank for Abee and have yet to find the funds to do it. everytime I get there something comes up.... :-X anyway I have everything drawn up and measured etc...all I need is the material and then it is done. I will post pictures when I finish, I have set myself a deadline of the 26th of Jan. Super bowl weekend. :P I can't stand football, so I will be working while the men watch TV and drink you know how it goes ;D. Take care, bye for now! Jamie