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My new BIG red-tailed BOA !

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  • My new BIG red-tailed BOA !

    HI all !
    My name is Carlos ! I'm a newbie to this board, and wanted to post a couple pics of the new addition !
    I have found myself suddenly thrown into the realm of the serpent  when a friend of a friend moved away and could not bring his 7 1/2' red tailed boa with him. She has a docile disposition, and the only concern I have for her are a couple of peculiar traits she has (posting in HEALTH section)
    I have never had a snake before, and coming across this monster a week ago has prompted a mad scramble for info and advice, most of which this web site envelopes !
    ~ Thanks in advance from a Newbie ;D

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    Re: My new BIG red-tailed BOA !

    Looks like a gorgous Boa.

    What exactly are those peculiar traits that concern you?


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      Re: My new BIG red-tailed BOA !

      ;D Thanks Viper for the kind words on the snake.  It is very attractive with it's coloration and size, even though it's your usual red tailed boa--- no unique saddle or coloration or desires to claim dominance to the REMOTE CONTROL when I'm watching TV !
       This snake is confusing in it's mannerisims,..... I see it at times " star gazing",  and when active and moving.... opening and closing his mouth quite a bit. Her mouth seems always slightly open too. Her eyecaps are cracked, slightly dusty,... yet her scales are fine in color, with a irradescent sheen to them ?!?! I was thinking at first she is coming into a MOLTING phase,... with the eyecaps looking dusted over,.. yet she has that sheen of healthy scale ?
      --- Not sure what to think............... I'm posting some pics soon in the HEALTH section of her mouth... I'm concerned she might have a slight inflamation of sorts,.. but wanted some SNAKE-PERTS opinions before running to the vet.  :P


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        Re: My new BIG red-tailed BOA !

        Yeah, we will be better able to help with some pics of the head, so go ahead and post them in the Health Issues section.


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          Re: My new BIG red-tailed BOA !

          You got it... pics and thread posted in health section.

          thanks !

          ~ carlos


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            Re:My new BIG red-tailed BOA !

            nice boa you got there


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              Re:My new BIG red-tailed BOA !

              that sure is a fine boa