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  • Somethin wrong?

    Hello everyone, My name is James and I will be joining the red tail fan club! anyway! ive had my snake like 4 days and well I was wondering, is something wrong with me buying him/her from the pet store? I hope not cause I paid good money for him! $120! and thats a lot when ure unemployed! Anyways....i know theres a lot of ways to tell the sex....I named mine ozzy hoping hes a guy has good sized spurs...if i get time ill get a pic and yall can me what yall think. BTW....his tail isnt necesarrly red, should i suspect the color of his tail to become brighter? or somethin? thanks for your help.

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    Re: Somethin wrong?

    Yes and No
    Okay the first thing is he in good health?
    If he is then theres no reason except that he may be WC from not buying a pet store snake. There are positives from buying from a pet store as well. For the most part though your better off buying from someone like Clay. You get what you pay for.
    The positives from buying from a pet store is that you can hold it see where it lives and things like that.
    The negatives are they a usually are WC and have parasites.
    If you buy from Clay you get a CB Boa that has been fed rats its' hole life and is in good health. So for the most part it's better to buy from a reptuable breeder.


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      Re: Somethin wrong?

      PS you posted this in the pic forum. I would move it, but I don't have that kind of power.


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        Re: Somethin wrong?

        WC? means what? he seems to be everything i could ask for only his tail isnt as red as id like it to be.


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          Re: Somethin wrong?

          WC mean wild cought. Your boas tail is more than likly not going to get any brighter if anything its going to get darker.