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New Baby BCI origins unknown %pastel?

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  • New Baby BCI origins unknown %pastel?

    I have a new baby it was in a local petstore with about 10 so called pastel babies I thought she was the cutiest with her narrow widow peaks so I got her.  I decided to name her Camille... SHe has a very faint amount of color creaping in I think she's almost in shed..her eye's look a littile big for her size.. hehe.. I think I have a baby boa addiction, maybe clay should send me all the babies and he can sell them as sub-adults
    after a year... 8)

    lets she how she looks after that next shed..

    man I have got to stay out of the petstores,,,, jeeze

    new pics dec 20

    And miss piggy doing her feeding. Jeeze their already dead I guess she wants to make sure.

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    Re: New Baby BCI origins unknown %pastel?

    Man that sure is a nice looking snake for a pet store. I was in a pet store over the weekend as well and found a beatuiful babey bci. The body was verey washed out and had extream orange color. If I would have had the space at home I would have bought it just to get it out of the store.
    Can't wait to see this one grow up.