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post shed Guyana

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  • post shed Guyana

    Hi Forum,
     Holley post shed each scale has a prisim effect..
     never seen this before she's around 20 mos.
     sorry for the size but it really enhances the effect

    the full sized view
       Doug ;D

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    Re: post shed Guyana

    Wow, she's a beauty! How old is she now?


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      Re: post shed Guyana

       My wife bought her for me christmas eve 2000, my guess she's about 6wks then.. SO best guess 20 months?
      Baby pic

      here's her at 18 mos proably pre-shed and thats why she's alittle darker.

      I was told Guyana's really shine that second year I am starting to believe it.
      She's a real sweet heart very powerfull though always keeps pressure on your arm or hands.why are my fingers turning blue?? :P.
        I've never seen the prisim effect until this shed proably  some kind of lubricant the snakes use to help push the skin off. I have changed her diet in the last 6mos to rodent-pro large rats.
                  we'll see.. 8).  doug


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        Re: post shed Guyana

        Hey Doug nice snake's.
        I do have a question though. I was looking at the pic of you Bci that you posted the amount of growth shown from the time it was 5 months to the time it was 8 months was unreal. How often did you feed him and, how much?He sure is really pretty at 8 months though!

        Thank you


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          Re: post shed Guyana

           That BCI you asked me about, I guess was Samuel, this baby came from clay.
             I had changed him to thawed just weined rat pups and he really jumped after the change. He'll be moving up to small rats next feeding. I believe the BCI grow pretty fast that first year. The Guyana usally take off after their first year. this pic was with a flash only

          samuels feeding about every 14 days, he's eating rodent pro rats, I believe many of the rats purchased from rat breeders like rodent pro have more vitamins and protien per feeding than pet store rats.

          I may be pushing his food size a bit but he seems to be doing really well, the post feeding bulge is gone by day two and I always wait until he either poo's or shows a real intrest in feeding usally around 14 days post feeding when he finally moves up to med ,, I'll back him down to every three to four weeks.  Another thing I ve notice the better the cage the faster they grow, samuels living in a melnine cage with a uth and a che all tied into a thermostat that make the cage interior feel really nice and warm 82-84 ambients ,some glass cages or(glass tanks) just don't reach that nice warm feeling and have cold spots and low humidity , heck I had four critters I only use one of them now.The following ppic is of holley one of my Guyana's when she's about 1 year in the cage the samuel moved into when she moved up to a larger cage

          I've also noticed the hog island and the other BCI seem to be a little more hungry than the Guyana's a who are a year older and starting to slow down that growth.


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            Re: post shed Guyana

            You have one of the best looking collections of snakes Doug.


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              Re: post shed Guyana

              8)Those are some great looking boas Doug s9.gif


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                Re: post shed Guyana

                Okay now I am realy confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                What would you classify her as - BCI or BCC?
                Because at 6 wks she lookes like BCI
                and at 18mos she lookes like BCC

                And what is up with the colour change? Does babies change their colour when growing up????????????????


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                  Re: post shed Guyana

                  Yes they change color as they grow up.. I think that that first pic was a lil; dark and if he had a better pic it would look perty good... but they(bcc) do gain there irradessence after awhile... and all boas change there color as they grow... some change there color with there mood... well se ya
                  Eric aka...Red


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                    Re: post shed Guyana

                     I need some photo skils, hehe
                     the Guyana really darken up pre-shed here's and example of a male Guyana pre-shed.
                    This Guy normally has a red color.

                    Another problem is Iam shooting with a flash in a dark room, I ve noticed when the blinds are up and the daylight shines in the colors are less dull. The flash takes away color and the shutter speed and the amount of memory I am willing to use per shot extra fine pics I get only 12 pics per card, average pics I can take about 24. silly liittle kodak digital,
                    psps I ve noticed the amount of color in the pic can be affected by if its  a flash or daylight and the back ground can cause problems with color, some digital cameras try to blend the background and the center and another setting it center weighted,  this also changes the color a bit.. And your question about color changes with age, I haven't had any snake over two but many common boa's tend to darken with age, and Guyana's tend to lean towards purple. You may never see the tru colors of an adult sexually mature snake until they are three or older.
                       Samuel will proably reach his final adult color in about another year..    Doug ;D
                    the first snake was a female  Guyana (BCC)she will reach 10 ft as an adult
                    Samuel is  a BCI..he'll proably only reach 5 to 6 ft..
                    to many different snake within one post, a bit confusing
                    I have 1 hog island, 1 male BCI, 2 Sub adult Guyana M/F.
                    And my newest snake is a Braz- Rainbow..?