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#15 ate his first small rat... aint he cute

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  • #15 ate his first small rat... aint he cute

    Hi Forum,
     This was one of the HYpo's from Clays Clutch born 23 jan 2002.. The flash takes about 1/2 the color away, working on my pic taking..dang nab kodak...Samuel took the rat and slurped it never has any aggresion toward food, IE DOA in the freezer to warm water to snake..
    Deader is Better......Make them snake sweetie-pies to hand feed. he'll sniff the rat for a couple seconds and the take it like a dog taking a bone,  try them frozzen ratsickles its worth the effort and if you start when they a babes its all they know.

    Whoops I see a'll be gone by tues pm's...

    I am starting to see a little orange creeping in on his belly

    Close up flash took away some color, he looks a bit hypo black to me hehehe whoops clay let another one slip away...

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    how big is he(long), and is that a weaned or a small rat???(small rat 4.50-6.50 inches, weaned= like 3.50-4.50 inches), thank you....
    good luck in the future,


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      Re: #15 ate his first small rat... aint he cute

      It was what the local pet stores sell as a small rat, I bought 40 as just weined from big apple the rodent pro is contrcted by big apple  and them weined rats were huge. I also ordered 18 Large rats for my guyanas and the rats were Jumbo's by pet store standards.I thawed one yesterday and gave it the sniff test no smell at all zero I am impressed them rats are heavier than the petstore rats I ve seen..
         he's fine he will be flat as a board by tues he;s laying on the uth now in  his clay pot turning them bone to mush.He always peeks out at me.. .  
        They are amazing little  critters
      Here's a pic Clay (the Breeder) sent me PICS  of his MA and PAA,
      they be really nice Dubay Pastel, he should start showin color next year.

      That why I wanted him my favorite BOa's are them Pastels
         see ya Doug