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Snakebytestv with Jungle Jack H

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  • Snakebytestv with Jungle Jack H

    Make sure u listen carefully at the end.

    YouTube - SnakeBytesTV "Jack Hanna"

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    Re: Snakebytestv with Jungle Jack H

    That was cool thanks.
    So is he clarifeing that he knows they can not live in other regions it's just that he is against them being released in other areas and them suffering to a death?
    That should be clarified to the senate as I know they could careless about animals suffering
    just as long as they do not harm there precious and teter totoring balanced eco system.


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      Re: Snakebytestv with Jungle Jack H

      That was interesting there is no doubt Jack hanna is a good TV personality type of guy
      He's passionate about the animals he's involved with.
      I wish that last part had better audio quality !

      Lar M
      Boas By Klevitz



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        Re: Snakebytestv with Jungle Jack H

        That was the best Assortedcatsandpenguinsbytestv episode yet!!!! So Jacks solution is that reptile breeders should be held liable for the whims of the general pet buying population? I mean how does he think it's a good idea to force reptile breeders to take back animals they have sold simply because the novelty wore off? This would instantly make them "throw away" or "trial" pets, let's see how we like Iguanas and if we decide it's not cool anymore, then no worries we can just make use of our Jack Hanna approved "coolness" clause in our purchase agreement and get a refund or trade value. There would have to be a refund for this to work too because the person who was going to abandon in the first place is not spending the extra time or gas to bring it back for nothing. It also tells the general public that the product being sold is so dangerous that the person producing and selling it must take it back should you no longer need or want it. No one is ever obliged to refund your money should you buy something and then later become afraid or bored of it, so why should reptile breeders be? This "idea" does nothing but further vilify reptiles and reptile breeders. He's put the blame squarely at the feet of reptile breeders and taken all responsibility away from the idiots releasing them and mistreating them with his suggestion. He makes it seem as if the only thing stopping the problem in the Everglades is breeders willing to take back animals. He then has the nerve to point out how it could affect his educational shows if he can't take a burm across state lines, never mind all the bankruptcies and people stuck with snakes to feed that are worthless. His plan is not to educate or to enforce responsibility, not to to increase penalties for mistreatment or better still, let Florida deal with it's own mess. No, the breeders should instead agree to take back snakes so that he's free to play mobile petting zoo all he wants. What did he say, encyclopedia of misinformation? thats putting it nicely. Well at least he knows how much everythings skin is worth on the black market, thats useful.



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          Re: Snakebytestv with Jungle Jack H

          u guys sadi everything i was gonna say pooy