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  • My baby Toph

    Check out my new baby, Toph.

    Toph - Red Tail Boa - YouTube

    Any advice on the enclosure?

    Also, I have a thermometer/hygomometer combo, but I can't put it in without having the screen top wedged open a little so the wire can fit in.

    how do i fix it? cause I know he will figure out how to escape if I keep it like that:

    Here are some pics:

    photo 3 (2).jpg
    photo 1.jpgphoto 2 (2).jpg
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    Re: My baby Toph

    I was able to lock the cage with the wire going in, so hopefully that lasts?

    Had a hard time getting the humidity up in the cage but with some persistence was able to get it up to 55/60%
    The basking heat is still a little low, but the ambient and cool side are perfect.

    He seems to like the log A LOT. He's been resting perched at the top, nearest the basking lamp all day/evening.

    Is that a good sign or a bad sign?


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      Re: My baby Toph

      Probably the first thing anyone will tell you on here is to drop the glass tank. Fill it with fish or something :P thats what they're for. Screen top glass tanks don't work well for keeping the humidity up and don't hold in the temps. Plastic tubs or, even better, Boaphiles are much better for maintaining the humidity and holding in the heat. Sterilite tubs work as well. Your snake could be basking there because the rest of the fish tank isn't holding in the heat and the temps could be too low. You said you don't have the hydro and thermometer installed? So do you know the temps inside the cage? That would help.

      Edit: Watched your video, since you have the thermometer under the heat lamp, it's not giving you an accurate reading for the rest of the tank, it's 82 towards the bottom directly below the heat source, and it's a glass tank. On the opposite end where you have the water bowl (and it's a fairly large tank) it could easily be in the low 70s or lower.


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        Re: My baby Toph

        Thanks for the advice!

        I went out and bought a tank humidifier (The Reptifogger) and it's been helping some. I also bought and under the tank heat source to help heat it up. When I left this morning, the basking side was around 86 and the humidity was around 45. I was able to raise the humidity before I left.

        Before I came home, I stopped by the reptile shop and bought the humidifer/heat source. More importantly, I bought a digital infrared thermometer. i've been using that to measure the whole terrarium by starting at the cool end and watching the temperature change as I move towards the basking side.

        Here are the new stats for temp:

        Basking side: 90-91
        Cool side - 80 - 82
        Humidity around 45 -60%

        It's a better set up, and he seems much happier now. Pictures to come!


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          Re: My baby Toph

          Aw! Lil' explorer!