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My boas for sale Mesa AZ all happy and healthy and some are really beautiful

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  • My boas for sale Mesa AZ all happy and healthy and some are really beautiful

    Regrettably i have to get out of the boa game. My wife and I have decided to become fostor parents for and ultimately try to adopt a couple of children, and in the state of arizona, you cannot have any large constricting snakes boas included if you want to adopt or foster any children. I am so unbelievably angry about it but there is nothing I can do. So i am stuck selling off my beloved boas. Any help in finding good homes for these guys would be appreciated. I will edit more later but here is the gist of it;I have several boas for sale all for prices well below what they are worth. some prices are negotiable, i wont take insulting offers as I am not desparate or in a huge hurry but just ask. here is what i have;
    1 2 year old normal male. 50$
    1 2 year old het albino male.60$
    1 4 year old normal female with beautiful light coloration. 75$
    1 3 year old beautiful hypo girl. 175$
    1 4 year old hypo motley het lipstick albino CA female proven breeder. $300
    1 4 year old het leopard female ca proven breeder150$
    1 4 year old male leopard gorgeous proven breeder 200$
    1 5 year old ghost male 300$
    1 year old ivory ghost gorgeous female 300$
    1 year old jungle het lipstick albino male $200
    1 4 year old hypo het leopard female proven breeder $250
    5 1 year old het leopards 1 female 4 males 75$ each
    17 babies, 4 weeks old some hypos, motleys and hypo motleys and normals. prices range from 50$ to 200$

    i also have custom caging available and couple of large glass tanks. i will part with EVERYTHING boas included (a lot of equipment not listed here) for $2000 and considering what you get that is a smoking deal if you are interested in breeding, there are some great genes in this group of boas, all you need to make;
    hypo,motley,leopard, albino,sunglow,jungle,snow, moonglow, anery, eclipse, gohst, and any combinations of those you can think of within 2 generations.

    additional pictures can be found at my photo bucket link listed below. i will not ship the caging, but everything else i am willing to ship at actual shipping cost. call or text at 4803293704
    [email protected]
    Boas by Preston Miller | Photobucket
    Contact: 4803293704

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    Re: My boas for sale Mesa AZ all happy and healthy and some are really beautiful

    Sorry to hear of the sacrifice you must make. All good things require some kind of sacrifice.

    Regarding the leopards and hets: your 1 yr het leos, are they true sanorans? Where did you get them?