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Nj collection for sale - everything must go!

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  • Nj collection for sale - everything must go!

    Due to some life changes I really haven't had time for these guys the last year or two but kept thinking things would change & I'd have time again. Not only do I still not have the time for them that they deserve, but I've also now moved out of my father's home & couldn't bring the snakes with me so it's just time to let them go.
    **PLEASE NOTE** I have not set any prices on these guys. I'm selling to the first fair & reasonable, so if you see something you like please just make an offer. Worst I can do is say no. I would prefer to sell locally but can ship via SYR if need be.

    Here's what I've got:

    Big Mama - (on hold)'05 het kahl, very docile, approx. 7ft, 25lb
    Diva - '11 het kahl, pos het anery, amazing color, wicked red sides
    Sixteen - '11 het kahl, pos het anery, very clean
    Sassy - '11 het kahl, pos het anery, super dark, almost solid black tail
    Halo - (on hold) '11 pastel albino, pos het anery, one eye, very docile
    Athena - (on hold) '12 hypo jungle het lipstick, super clean, lots of color & attitude
    Gem - SOLD

    Chomper - '09 het kahl, fairly clean, not at all friendly
    Buddy - '09 sunglow, super clean & docile, produced by Trey Stowell
    Trouble - '12 pet store pick up w unique coloring, very docile
    Apollo - '12 lipstick sunglow jungle, super clean, major attitude
    29 - '12 hypo het kahl, pos het anery, odd, washed out coloring, very cranky

    Also a pair of green tree pythons -
    Lola - '06 tricolor biak outcross produced by Kim Burge, super docile
    Zen - '10 high yellow biak with some blue, some white flowering & some black flecking, can be handled
    Due to lack of time everyone has been fed less frequently. All are healthy & in good weight for their size, however the '11s & '12s have been grown super slow. Most of the '11s could be ready to breed next year with a more regular feed schedule. The '12s are smaller; probably the size of yearlings, but again will grow plenty on a more normal feed schedule.

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    Re: Nj collection for sale - everything must go!

    I know it's a long shot but if you still have anything available message me I'm in New Jersey.


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      Re: Nj collection for sale - everything must go!

      is apollo available?