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  • 7-ft Normal Washington

    Just putting this out there to see if there is any interest for this normal girl?

    So the story is I drove 100 miles to pick up an adult male for my female, and arrived to find what he had, is as far as I can tell a 7-ft female. His glass aquarium had shattered on two sides, so he was letting her crawl around the apartment. He obviously was not experienced which was more or less what i expected. When I got her she was cold to the touch and seeking heat. As you can see in the pictures she did not finish her last shed. I'm not letting her go till I can assure she is healthy and ready to move again, which will be to the best of my ability as I'm the closest thing to a reptile vet for 100 miles in my area. I paid $75 and would like to get my money back out, but really just looking for someone with the experience and room for her, and possibly a male or two to keep her company? Also, still looking for a 2-3 yr old male to keep my girl company. I have no experience shipping snakes this big so would prefer local pickup or I can deliver to a local show.

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    Re: 7-ft Normal Washington


    She shed for the first time since arriving and she partially retained the eye cap again so I had to remove manually. It came right off without much effort, and she immediately started reinvestigating her enclosure. She has been blind in that one eye for over a month, so it was like a whole new experience for her once again. I was pretty excited as well, I was scared she had retained that cap for so long the eye would be seriously damaged underneath. Upon inspection, it appears to be three or possibly four caps so I'm guessing she hasn't been able to see out of it for a year. I'll feed her again tomorrow, and she will be ready to go to anyone with an appropriate quarantine, so far I have not noticed any issues other than improper care and possible powerfeeding before I got her.