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  • Scale Counting Questions

    I saw this chart posted in one of the threads about scale counting:

    as you can see, the different catagories are: dorsal, ventral scales, caudal, blotches, and mid dorsal blotches.

    reading "The Complete Boa Constrictor" Vin Russo only mentions Ventral, Sub Caudal, and mid body. So what are the dorsal scales?

    Are blotches aka saddles?

    Caudal / Sub-caudal?

    Per my wife and i doing the count we got that my snake has 22-23 saddles (one of them is connected) between head and vent.

    238 ventral scales

    56 Sub-caudal scales

    and 85 mid body scales.......

    So according to the chart, he would be BCI by the ventral, and saddle count.... but if im not mistaken his mid body count would make him BCC. or am i way off.....

    if you can clarify all this for me it would be appreciated....


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    Re: Scale Counting Questions

    This should help and good question, I just scored another snake related bookmark! lol How to count scales



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      Re: Scale Counting Questions

      From what I understand caudal also means subcaudal.

      And there is some crossover when it comes to scale counting.

      But if you have a boa with ventrals that fall in the Bci category, and dorsals that fall in the Bcc category, than it's probably a Bcc x Bci mix.

      Now someone smarter than me can correct me if I'm wrong on this.

      And I have found saddle count to be the least reliable way to determine a boas ssp (unless you have a pure locale, unmorphed, direct decscendants of wild caught critters) due to all of the saddle reducing morphs there are.



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        Re: Scale Counting Questions

        Colombian imperator have counts that overlap both BCC and BCI. These are the boas found North/Northwest of the Andes in Colombia. Extending into parts of Ecuador and Venezuela.