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BC Burrowing in New Substrate

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  • BC Burrowing in New Substrate

    I just upgraded my yearling Suriname BC from an Exo Terra Large Low with, I know, repti-carpet, to a brand new 6' Boaphile with Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber (not the fine). I moved her into her new home last night. She immediately burrowed under the substrate - the first time she has ever been exposed to an actual substrate. She's been there from approx. 8:30pm until I left for work this morning at 8:00am. I'll see if she has moved when I get home tonight.

    I'm thinking that this is a normal behavior. I have provided her with 4 enclosures throughout the temp gradient which runs from 88F on the hot side to 81 on the cool. I'm using her two hides from her old enclosure, which she used always and added two additional hides for her security due to the much larger enclosure.

    Is this anything to worry about? She's perfectly healthy and thriving. She was born Sept. of 2019 and I have had her in my care since Oct. 2019.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you,