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boa vs. beagle

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  • boa vs. beagle

    hey, whadap? i'm going to be purchaseing a redtail within the week but i need to know if owning a small four legged pest is going to be a problem. the last thing i need is to come home form work and find my boa missing from it's cage and my dog squeezed to death on the floor of my room. any thoughts on this

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    Re:boa vs. beagle

    Well first things first.. we need to ensure that the enclosure for your boa is escape proof. That will solve problem # 2, and that is the remote possiblitly that a boa could mistake a small dog as a prey item..

    A boa that is properly fed and properly housed, is little threat to a small dog...

    It would take a huge adult boa, unsupervised, under fed and the perfect situation for this kind of disaster to happen..

    And if it should ever happen, it will be 99% human fault. These kind of mistakes on our part is what makes the herping community at large look bad in the eyes of the public.

    Take steps now to ensure you can properly care for and maintain a boa constrictor that can reach lengths of 8 to 10 feet as an adult.
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      Re:boa vs. beagle

      Clay could not be any more correct! Most of the time a mistake happens, it is from human error!! As for you having a snake and a dog at the same time, it should not be a problem as long as you take the proper actions to ensure that your boa's enclosure is escape proof. Just an example, and maybe to put your mind at ease a little, my two cats will sit on top of my boas cage watching him and waiting until he comes out. When I do take my boa out, my cats love to come up to him, smell him, and just make sure that he stays in their sight!! Kinda funny! Again, just like Clay mentioned, make sure you keep your boa properly fed and provide the right husbandry and you should be just fine!



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        Re:boa vs. beagle

        Hi StarBomb

        Welcome to the forum.

        I really don't have much to add that hasn't been already said by Clay and Fonzy. You just have to make sure your new boas is fed right and kept in a cage that he can not escape. Accidents that happen involving domesticated pets and pet snakes are fully human faults. The snake is not trying to be bad, just an instinct to eat. I personally do not allow my car or dog to get right in the snakes face, mainly because I do not want my snake's to be stressed while they are being held.

        Just be careful and make sure they are pit in the proper cage and can't escape..

        Good luck


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          Re:boa vs. beagle

          thank u all for the insight. i had a feeling it would be alright but i needed to be sure. so thx for the helping a not laughing at the newbie. hehe, thx, peace


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            Re:boa vs. beagle

            My biggest concern with my snake is my dog trying to play with it. I have trained my dog to stay away, so even if I leave them alone (which I don't do) I know my dog would not bother the snake. Making sure your snake is properly can't be stressed enuff though.


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              Re:boa vs. beagle

              I have 3 small dogs that my Wife loves, I ve noticed the snakes see the DOgs and are very interested in them.
              SO here's what I do if I have a rather large( anything over four feet) BCC out or BCI, I never allow the dogs within 10 ft of a snake never, why take a risk on a strike I Never take the snakes around any one (humans) when its time to feed,, they (the snakes) know its time and they are more active than usual and you never know what we smell like when around them, hey how many people have kids with birds, gerbils, rabbits(natural food :),cats and dogs.
              I have to constantly remind my self that snakes are not affectionate, they are pretty much reflexive feeders and are unpredictable to say the least. Its hard to not think of them as gentle loving creatures when they can seem that way, but remember there's an extremly powerful animal who can for a short burst of energy break a bone or stun a prey with a hit.. :P
              I stil love my boa's though.. Doug


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                Re:boa vs. beagle

                I agree with what Doug said I daon't even let my dogs in the snake room! If I have my snakes out I put the dogs out side. No reason to put my snakes or my dogs in a sitation like that.

                TAT 8)