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Tips on how to tame my Boa

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  • Tips on how to tame my Boa

    I need help taming my boa she's really aggresive she bit me on the head tried to bite me again and bit two of my friends anybody got any tips on taming snakes?

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    Re:Tips on how to tame my Boa

    Hold it all the time...
    don't be scared and ware gloves...
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re:Tips on how to tame my Boa

      Gloves would help to avoid being tagged. Patience is the key here. You want to handle daily for around fifteen minutes and move from there adding around five to ten minutes. Your boa should eventually calm down and become more docile.


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        Re:Tips on how to tame my Boa

        Hi Tyler,

        Welcome to the forums.. I agree with what was said. Gloves will protect your hands, just keep the bugger away from your face. Boas are agressive mainly for two reasons. Either they feel threatened, or they are hungry. What size is your boa and how ofter and what are you feeding it (Make sure you leave the snake alone for atleast 2-3 days after it eats)..

        Also when you are holding the snake, make sure it feels 100% secure. It will get stressed that could cause a bite if it feels like it might fall.. Also some boas have problems with crowds or fast movements. Just use common sence and keep working with him. After some time he should calm right down, atleast with you..

        Good luck, Keep us posted how he does..

        Hope this helped..



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          Re:Tips on how to tame my Boa

          I never used gloves that may be a good Idea if your becoming scared or its a large boa,
          what I have done and works well, I take a small bath towel throw it over the boa, and very gently pick the boa up in the towel.
          I sit down and let the boa settle on my lap,most animals when you un cover them in the hide get a real head rush of fear and strike out. try and let the animal settle when first un-coverd look at its position they usally radio a strike by the postion of the head and (S) curve in the neck, mine usally flick the tounge as a warining and may hold it out waving it..
          All these things are warning signs.
          My guess is your boa is young and need time to learn you will not trying to eat him... hehe
          the good news is your boa will settle with time if you hold it correctly supporting the weight of the body with two hands, thats why I don't wear gloves you can pinch a small one easily..
          good luck..

          this a baby showing aggresion,,

          same baby after chilling for a few seconds. no sign of aggresion, actually looks docile.

          so you can see how important it is to read your boa for mood swings when they are babies or haven't been held much as adults..
          He's puppy dog sweet now and I don't even worry about a bite any longer..

          I guess you may need some more time to get to know your boa, and he may want some more to learn to trust you, instinct is telling him trust know one, and that takes time to overcome..


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            Re:Tips on how to tame my Boa

            Thnxs for the tips Ill try that. I aint afraid just annoyed of being bit and snapped at. She's pretty young and about 3 ft long


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              Re:Tips on how to tame my Boa

              are you feeding it frozen/thawed or live prey ?
              how often do you feed it ?
              do you know if it was a captive breed or wild caught ?
              see any health problems ?
              what are your cage temps warm/cool sides? and your cage set up ?

              alot of these question can answer why your snake is striking at you and can be eatting say pinkies when it should be eatting med rats or fuzzies.maybe not getting enuff to eat. or if your feeding it live prey.which will make your snake more aggressive.if you are feeding live prey you should start it out on f/t rats.and after time your snake will claim down. if you are feeding f/t rats then skip to you see any bubbles coming out the nose? or any other health related issues? does the stool look ok ? any odd or weired looking stools ? if this is the case then a simple trip to the vet would more then likley cure it.then again your temps maybe to hot/cool for your snake. also if you havent already done this.get the care guides and read them.i read them and found out alot of stuff that i didnt know. might help you aswell.hope some of this helps..