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flagyl and nasty poo

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  • flagyl and nasty poo

    We have a small BCC redtail that we had some problems with regurging. Our vet gave us flagyl to treat him with and this has helped with the regurge problem but now his poo is really rank and nasty. Does anybody know if this is normal ? I have a call into my vet but he has not returned it. His poo looks like it is only half digested, pink and really smelly. I'm sure it is not a regurge although it almost looks it. Any help or similar experiances would be greatly appreciated. ???

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    Re: flagyl and nasty poo

     This may be due to the Flagyl treatment, My guess is the medicine may have also disrupted his healthy bacteria. I know flagyl is primarily an anti-amebia/ parasite drug it can also disrupt the normal GI  flora in the snake. Give him a couple weeks and it should settle down.. Same thing could happen with some of the more aggresive antibiotics.
     I have seen a GI Flora restorer on the net but I would let nature kick in as long as that runny poo goes away in a week or two..
     All drugs can cause side effect in any animal species,,...
         If the animal was loaded with parasites this may be a side effect of the dead parsites being expelled and his GI may be inflamed. This should clear up really quickly if not a poo culture may be in order...   Was this a wild caught ???

    Ps  never hold a reptile after feeding and check your temps in the cage againts those care sheets warm and cool side. most common cause of digestion problems are usally temp related..
    Geeze I just noticed you said BCC,,,, :P
    I have a couple guyana I raised from babies and they like it a little warmer that BCI a silly 2 deg can make a big difference be sure your cool side stays at least 82   warm at least 84-86  mine like the humidty around 60% to 70%
     Ps I would let that BCC alone as much as possible that first few months they are more problem prone to regurge than BCI, heck you got 20-30 years to get to know him..

    PS your welcome to visit my group..