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Question about care of Surinam Boa's

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  • Question about care of Surinam Boa's

    Hi all,

    I have been trying to find real info on the proper care of Surinam boa's, like heat and humidity needs. I was under the impression that Surinam's needed warmer and weter houses then normal RTB's.. But I haven't been able to find solid info on them. I have a super unrelated pair of Surinam's coming in Thursday and need this info.. Anyone know for sure what they require?

    Steve Clark

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    Re: Question about care of Surinam Boa's

    From what I understand Steve they have the same requirements as BCI do except they are less forgiving to husbandry mistakes and temp fluctuations. Other than that the only other thing I have heard different about them is they grow a bit bigger and you shouldn't feed food too large because they tend to regurge a lot easier.

    This is just information I have obtained from other people and I do not myself own one. Take it for what it is worth.


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      Re: Question about care of Surinam Boa's

      Hey Bill,

      Everything you said confirmed what I found out. I heard awhile back that they get a bit bigger, just didn't know that a 12 foot female is not uncommon..LOL



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        Re: Question about care of Surinam Boa's

        Hey Steve,

        The BCC's are the larger of the redtails, but you can stick to the normal care guidelines for BCI and keep them safe and healthy.

        Through conversations with Jeff Ronne, his care has remained the same for them, and the only deviation I am aware of is that he actually brumates them for breeding cycles...

        Other than that you could initially use the same heat/temp guidelines as BCI and just ask around to a few BCC specialists and see what they have learned differently and adjust accordinly.
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