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  • Drowning Rtb

    I got my RTB yesterday from a pet store its approx 6 weeks old why does it stay im its water dish. Is this normal

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    Rerowning Rtb

    What are your temps, they could be to high and she is just trying to cool down. Temps should be 88 warm end 82 cool end. Or it could be she is going to shed or maybe she just likes soaking.When my Red tail was a newborn she loved swimming in her water, now that she is older I never see her in it. :'(


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      Rerowning Rtb

      Hello drillmaster........
      Some of the other members on the forum could prolly give you the answers to whether this is normal or not cause honestly I don't know. But just to put in my 50 Cent, (hehehehe) My 6 1/2 footer loves her water dish. She soaks herself often. Usually it's to pass a bowl or before shed. Good luck with your new baby!



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        Rerowning Rtb

        How do you have your enclosure set up? Temps, humidity, etc. What about hides? Does he have nice tight hide spots on both the warm and cool end? Snakes will use the water dish as a hide spot on many occasions when they don't have appropriate ones. Just some ideas.


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          Rerowning Rtb

          Hey Drill,

          I know we went over alot of possibles in the chat room. But figured it may be easier for you if it was written down in one place, instead of how we were shooting answers to you in chat..

          Soaking could be nothing, or it could be something..
          I will give possible problems and give possible solutions under them.

          The snake may just want to take a soak because it likes the water.
          No problem, just make sure to clean his water disk daily, just a good rinse and some fresh water.

          It could be getting close to a shed and wants to soften its skin.
          If this is the case, nothing to worry about, and nothing to do.

          It could have mites or ticks and is irritated.
          Check the water dish for little specks, black or redish. They drown and sink to the bottom of the bowl. Look the snake over very careful for moving specks, check closly around the eyes and mouth. If you do have ticks, they have what looks like bumps on the skin. Look close, you can see them. If you have either, just run to the pet store, buy a can of provent a mite. Take the boa out of his cage with the water dish, remove them from the room. Spray the Provent-A-Mite on the bedding. Let the cage air out for 2 hours, Put the snake back with fresh water and you should be good for 30 days and kill the buggers..

          It could need to use the bathroom, alot deficate in their water dish.
          If this is the case, no worry.. Let nature takes it corse..

          It could be dehydrated and wants to hydrate itself some.
          Let him soak as much as needed.. if you find your boa has real lose skin, or very crinkled up skin, you may want to plan to soak him twick a week in a plastic contanor for an hour a clip.. Make sure the water is just barley cool to your touch.. Never hot or warm..

          It could be too hot, which baes on what we talked about in chat, that isn't the issue.. I think you should plan on making some changes to your cage to make sure your boa has a healthy and happy like.. there are a ton of care sheets on this forum as well as temp suggestions, etc.. First get rid of those stick on temp and humidity guages and get to wal-mart and get a good digital temp/humidity guage..

          Feel free to ask any questions you may have about your boa.. You may want to post in the care section or health section with more questions like these..

          Good luck and keep us posted..


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            Rerowning Rtb

            Good post SClark, I didnt think about the mites.


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              Rerowning Rtb

              thanks guys


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                Rerowning Rtb

                I think Steve pretty much explained it well.


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                  Rerowning Rtb

                  steve I don't ever have to post because of you... Oooo well that is ok.. I guess.. :P
                  Eric aka...Red


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                    Rerowning Rtb

                    Hey red,

                    That makes me feel bad.. I miss your posts..



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                      Rerowning Rtb

                      I agree Red.

                      With Steve here giving all the GOOD answers, all I can do is AGREE.

                      Soooooo I agree with Steve ;D
                      To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

                      -Best Regards
                      -Clay English
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