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    I know that they sell vitamins for reptiles, but is it good or bad to give them to snakes?? Do they get all they need from they're food?? Or would they benefit from the extra nutrition?? Thanks.

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    Hi Clever23,

    Snakes get all the vitamins from their whole food product (Mice, Rats). There is no reason to give vitamin supliments. The ones you are talking about are made more for Lizards. The only time any snake I deal with ever gets vitamins on the side is to treat certain illnesses, and then they get it injected..

    Good luck..
    Steve Clark


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      Re: VITAMINS

      i agree. snakes get all the vitamins they need from the mice/rats we feed them.


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        Re: VITAMINS

        It depends on what type of food you are giving your snake. If you go with the safest and healthiest method, then you would be using Frozen/Thawed rats. Generally, the rat breeders/farms have them on a diet that is nutritous and healthy, which in turn is beneficial to your snake. Also, by using F/T you are making sure that the rat doesn't have any harmful bacteria because any bacteria would die as a result from being frozen. Rats also have more protein ounce per ounce than a mouse does. Overall, snakes get the nutrition they need from their regular diet. From what I've heard, any vitamins administered to a snake has been used as a supplement during rehabilitation due to an illness or abuse. If you have any more questions I would recommend contacting the closest herp vet to you or check with Clay English, he has an endless wealth of knowledge regarding RTB's. Hope this helps.