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  • rtb handling

    I just recieved an 8-9 foot red tail boa. At first he wouldn't eat and i was handling him quite often( but he had quite a temperment). So i let him stay in his cage for about a week an a half without handling him and gave him a large rat the other day, which he ate. Now i want to start handling him again, but how long should i wait until after he has fed to do this? And if i start to handle him every day will he become more docile? Its quite unnerving when you have a 8-9 foot red tail hissing at you.

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    Re: rtb handling

    well if he has a bad temper wait about 2-3 days after he eats maybe 5 days...and if you handle him alot he will become alot more calm so just take time with him and be gentle and dont make any fast movements toward his head or any thing. and when you can move your hand real fast toward his head and be able to touch his head with out him jerking back or biting that means he is pretty much tame.....

    good luck


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      Re: rtb handling

      If I had to guess this adult boa spent alot of time in his cage without any or very little outings. This can cause them to revert back to a semi-wild personality.
       Now handling a grumpy adult boa can be un-nerving but its worth the effort.  Be sure he's only feeding on fresh thawed rodents he may have been feeding on live this causes considerable aggresion. He may have only seen his previous owner on feeding day and may have been poked to stimulate a feeding/aggessive strike response.
        I had a very grumpy argentine boa that took considerable time to chil out.
          Be patient work with him maybe get a snake hook or I use bath towels to cover their heads until out of the cage this prevents a bite or two... Hehe