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She's Not Eating What Do I Do?

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  • She's Not Eating What Do I Do?

    I bought a rtb almost a month ago. I was sure to ask the handler what she fed it and how often she fed it. Since I brought her home she hasn't eaten a thing. I have tried pinkies as well as mice live and dead, but she still won't have anything to do with them. Is this normal in a new environment or is something wrong? Please help!!!!!

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    Re: She's Not Eating What Do I Do?

    Hi mysticseyes25,

    Could be alot of possible reasons.. Could you provide some info..

    What is the temp of the cage both cool side and hot side, what is the humidity, does the snake have a hide, how big is she?

    That info will help giving you the correct answer.

    Steve Clark


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      Re: She's Not Eating What Do I Do?

      I am going to have to ask clay to put that in the "read this before you post section"
      You know the awnsers you need to give to the "?"'s we will ask...
      Eric aka...Red


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        Re: She's Not Eating What Do I Do?

        well she is approx. 2.5 feet; the temp in the cage is between 85-90; humidity is approx 65. I have been trying to feed her seperate from her cage as that was what the original handler was doing. I hope this helps give you alittle more info. And I thank you for any and all suggestions


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          Re: She's Not Eating What Do I Do?

          Ok leave the snake alone in the cage for like 4 days... You only really need two but might as well go over board...
          Then take it out at night put it into a container with the prey item I try to get the snake to strike at it but if I can't I just leave it in there....
          Then take a towl and put it over the feeding container to make it dark.. This will work for most snakes... The rest for the most part have some sorta' problem...
          Eric aka....Red


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            Re: She's Not Eating What Do I Do?

            You said you had it for a month, how often in that month have you handled it? When a boa is brought into a new enviroment, they need time to adjust to the new surroundings. We usually don't recommend that you handle the snake for at least a week so that they have time to fully adjust and so that we don't stress them out any more than we have to. I'm going to agree with Red, leave him alone for about 4-7 days, then try to feed him again. If he does not eat yet. Wait another week and try again. Don't handle him during that time. He may just be stressed out.