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is this normal?

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  • is this normal?

    i had my boa (5ft) out on the floor and he started hunching the lower part of his body striaght up. has anyone ever seen this or know why he was doing it?

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    Re: is this normal?

    If it was from the vent back you are lucky you didn't find out what it was doing while it was on your floor... lol
    I think it sounds like it was going to the bathroom... May-be a lil' constipated...??
    I don't know...
    I have some "?"
    Do you feed in the cage and on the substrate??
    What is the humidity?? And what kind of guage do you use...
    When was the last time your snake went to the bathroom...
    How much do you feed it...(how often and what size of prey.)
    Do you know if it is a female or male...
    Oh ya if you do feed it on the substrate then what type do you use...??
    That sould be good...
    Eric aka....Red


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      Re: is this normal?

      ok, it was about a foot away from the vent where he was doing it. when i feed it i put him on the floor so he won't injest the wood chips. i think it was on sunday that he went to the bathroom last (i have two of them in the same tank so i can't really tell). i feed him 1 med. rat once a week and its a male


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        Re: is this normal?

        1 foot huh' well I don't know then... I would not say it is a poo.. I know it would still be good to give the vital stats...
        Well you have given most of the others...
        Sorry I can't help...
        Eric aka....Red