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kinda funny question

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  • kinda funny question

    ok here goes my baby rusty was on my head and i went to the fridge to get a glass of milk for me not him lmao and while i was taking a drink of it he slithered his big head in my cup to check out my milk i think the got a lil taste on his tongue but he didnt have any on him at all. but what i was wondering is could that hurt him. is milk safe lmao. never thought i would be asking this question !!! hehehe

    hes a nosey little fart but i lub him

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    Re: kinda funny question

    well let hope he's lactose tolerant.. hehe
     Now my real concern is never have a reptile in the kitchen period. They can and will shed salmonella during their life and you don't want any extra problems.
     This is normal and dosen't require any additional treaments, vet's are not supposed to try and remove salmonella from snakes.
      Don't get upset by this most frozen meats (chicken, can have salmonella too)..until cooked...
    here's an informative link about reptiles in the home.


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      Re: kinda funny question

      lol he wasnt in the kitchen when that happened i was in the back room on the puter he decided to see what i had sometimes i swear he thinks hes human lol more so than my other baby.
      i dont cook either my kitchen is just there to house the junk food, cokes and my hubbys beer. lmao call it lazy but hey thats me!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Re: kinda funny question

        I don't see why it would hurt him any. Hey, extra calcium!! But like doug said, hope he's not lactose intolerant!! A taste souldn't hurt him any, I wouldn't think.


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          Re:kinda funny question

          Try milking your mice and rats and give him some of that.

          But cowmilk... I do not think it will hurt him.