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Sudden Change To Agression

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  • Sudden Change To Agression

    I have had a baby argentine boa for a little less than a month now and she has turned into a very agressive boa. She won't even let me open the cage to change the water all she does is open her moth wide and hiss at me. When I first got her she was very nice and docile, but one day i open the chage top and she freaked out on me and tried to bite me. the temp is 85 and she eats and sheds fine, i just dot get it. one day shes fine the next she hates me. :-\ :-\ ???

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    Re:Sudden Change To Agression

    Most argies are like this for about 1- 6mos and will show aggression for about one year. I know I had one, for some reason they will calm down after 1 year and be like a normal nice boa.
    I would use a towel to pick her up ,,a small hand towel toss it over her head they hate biting towels after a couple tries and will still hiss a bit ,teach her to trust you try to work with her and always feed out of the cage that first year. I had a sub adult who was so mellow she would hang like a limp rag, but was a grumpy little baby. I believe they are more territorial than most boa's and will defend their hides and their cage.. hehe spunky little snakes.
    I ve seen them reach some rather large sizes too, they seem to have rather heavy bodies as adults.


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      Re:Sudden Change To Agression

      Hello Xander,

      I haven't owned argies as pets but have dealt with a few over the years.. Argie's can be agressive at time. They require alot of work to tame down. What Doug said sounds right from what I have seen. The juvi's can be alot more agressive. I would work with them and build up its trust..

      Hope all works well with your Argi..

      Keep us posted..



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        Re:Sudden Change To Agression

        I think the Argentine Boas are among the most interesting. One of the reasons why I like them, besides the black coloration, is their feisty nature. To me, those two things give this snake alot of character. Ive heard a few times that their loud hissing and gaping mouth are essentially a bluff. Is there any truth to this?