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  • a week now?

    well i have had my boa for a week now and not once has she left her hid without me taking her out and unless she comes out between about 4 am and 6am then she is not leaveing her hide any ideas should i be taking her out more often i havent been handeling her much at all with the hope she would settle into her new home???

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    Re: a week now?

    I would leave her along for about a week without any handling. That will let her have a chance to settle into her new home. They stay in their hides to feel safe.


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      Re: a week now?

      Be patient with your boa I don't consider a boa very mature til over one year, This animal is going to live a very long time if you take care of it.
      Boa's are mostly instinctive reactive animals so that learning curve can be longer than a dog or cat. Boa's dont really care for humans the way other animals can, they learn to tolerate your presence and handling. So it takes a pretty long time. That baby is going to hide til about 1 y/o it may come out at night cause boa's tend to be active at dusk.
      I keep mine in a fairly dark room ,that is only for my snakes this prevents traffic in and out of the room I don't think boa like people peeking at them 24 hours a day they tend to stress.
      The only see my back as I sit typing on my PC. If I open a cage door they may approach ( to see if I have food or to escape) their not happy to see me.
      So if your looking for a freindly response from a boa it may not happen.
      They do seem to like me more than anyone else ( I feed them) hehe


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        Re: a week now?

        None of my snakes come out during the day very often. At night they are all over their cages. He may be coming out at night to snoop around under the cover of the dark and hiding during the day.