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Sick Central American

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  • Sick Central American

    I am having a serious problem with my little girl. She hasn't eaten for a month and a half, she is somewhat lethargic and just isn't herself. I stayed up all last night with her and tried to get in touch with a vet. Of course when you need them they are all on vacation. The strangest part about it though is last night I noticed that she has a slight blue tinge to her skin. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do?

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    Re: Sick Central American

    How little is your "little" girl? If your snake has good weight then not eating for a month or two is no big deal. As for the blue tinge of your snake it would be hard to diagnose without pictures so we could actually see it. It's not just the irridescence (sp) of his skin in the light? My boa does have a lot of that.

    Anyway, hope this helps some. Double check all your husbandry and insure it is good. Hope it all works out for ya.