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  • humidity

    please help me lower my humidity its at 90% . im a new owner without alot of expierince. my snake isnt very active and i beleive the humidity is the problem

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    Re: humidity

    Hi,and welcome.
    First off ,what kind of enclosure do you have ?
    Second , are you sure that your humidity is really 90%,if you have one of those cheapy humidity strips they can lie to you.
    Last , what kind of substrate are you using? Most will dry out quickly and then you'll have your humidity too low .
    Let me know .Maybe I can help.


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      Re: humidity

      I'm with you Dan, if we can get a little more information I think we can help you..

      water location

      Let us know and we will try to help.
      To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

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      -Clay English
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        Re: humidity

        i have a 55 gallon fish tank with under tank heater with reptile bedding the kind u add water to but its dry i also have 2 lights red and white also im done second feeding and still no poop thanks hopefully thats enough info


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          Re: humidity

          Either your humidity guage is screwed or the humidity will drop on it's own. Maybe you just replaced the substrate recently? It will dry out and the humidity drop most likely. Seldom do people have a problem with too high of humidity. It's very rare. What part of the country do you live in? What is the average humidity of the air in your home outside of the enclosure? Might want to double check the accuracy of that guage.

          As for your snake not pooping and having two meals that is completely normal. Different snakes will have different schedules for their bodily functions. Some snakes poop a couple days after eating every time and some only poop once a month or longer. I would not worry about it until he hasn't pooped for over a month and then I would just give him a soak in luke warm water which normally brings it right out of them.

          Hope this helps.